Trip Report: Caribbean Princess Canada / New England cruise from NYC to Quebec

Hi, I’ve never actually done a TR b/c I failed to ever do one from my last WDW trip in 2019. So, here goes. I have no idea if I can keep it up live b/c I don’t know what Princess’ wifi will be like.

Question: is La Cava Del Chat the place for this TR?

Me, DW48, solo (yeah baby!)

When: leaving this Sunday, Sept 17 on Amtrak train from DC to NYC

–evening, then one full day in NYC before embarking from Brooklyn cruise port
–3 ports in New England and 6 in Canada–but of course Hurricane Lee might change all that
–10 day cruise, my first cruise
–disembarkation in Quebec City and one hotel night there, so 2 full days in Quebec

It’s very strange to be preparing for this cruise…again. I’ve mentioned in the forum many times, over the past 4 yrs, that I had an Alaskan cruise planned that got postponed. Here is the rundown:

–Booked in Oct 2019, so almost exactly 4 yrs ago
It was a group cruise organized by a travel agent

–June 2020: postponed covid
–June 2021: ditto
–June 2022: a week before travel we had a death in the family.
Trip insurance worked, and I was able to use my airline credit for a different trip last Feb.
–Sept 2023: 4th time scheduling 1st cruise…fingers crossed!

Even if the ports get completely changed I will still go. I just want the experience. The hurricane will likely be out of Canada before I embark in New England, but I am keeping an open mind and remembering that these storms can change course. I just hope that it stays as far away from land as possible and that everyone is ok.

The cruise that’s going on right now, heading to NYC from Quebec, is skipping most of its Canadian ports and will stay in Boston 3 days to escape the storm, then go to NYC on the 19th as planned. At least this is their current plan. I could see it having to change again.

At the moment I’m trying to pack. I have so much data in my head from the past 4 yrs, and lots of planning for Alaska, that it’s all a jumble. But I’m trying to make sense of it with my written master list. I don’t need things like the thick gloves with the removeable fingertips I bought for Alaska (or do I?).

Thanks for following along. I hope to have something to say during the trip, b/c I just don’t know how the wifi situation will be on an older Princess ship. I don’t actually know, but I suspect it doesn’t have Starlink yet.


I look forward to following along!!


Hopefully you will have a blast! I toured the Caribbean princess when it was in port in Norfolk a month or so ago. We had lunch, too, and it was tasty!


I’m so happy you’re finally going to go & can’t wait to hear how everything goes on the cruise, even if it’s afterwards when you’ve had a chance to be home and catch-up.

:crossed_fingers:t3: :crossed_fingers:t3: :crossed_fingers:t3: That Lee stays as far away from land and whatever else it needs to do to have the least impact on your cruise!


I’m getting kind of worried that Lee will cause flooding that could cancel the train from DC to NYC. Am I being paranoid here? I realize that Lee isn’t looking like it’s going to NYC, but in the last couple months some NY Amtrak trains were canceled for flooded tracks. There’s a warning about the storm that currently expires at 5 am on Sunday (when I looked awhile ago…), and my train departs DC at 1 pm on Sun…

Techincally we could drive me there, but…ugh, do not want to drive to NYC. Also plane might be an option, but $$$ last minute. If the train goes as expected it’s only 3 hrs, that is a lot of what was attractive about this trip. The all day flights to Alaska were much less attractive the longer I thought about it, even though I’d eventually like to do that trip.


Right now that’s not looking likely… NYC forecast for Sunday is sunny. New Yorkers usually start chattering about weather when things are looking grim and nobody is doing that around here. I think your train chances are excellent :slight_smile: :bullettrain_side:


After I typed that the forecast did get better. We’ll see. Right now I’m a lot more worried about simply getting packed rather than having to make alternate plans.

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I don’t know how to link it here, but I just created another topic to address my fear of traveling by taxi from the New Yorker Hotel to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal during the UN General Assembly. The hotel was little help, they wanted me to take the subway, but with bags that really is a no for me.

I’m from Québec, let me know if you need any info ! :slight_smile: