Trip report A178



Once again, fantastic reading experience, with super photos for dessert! Thanks so much for posting your trip details.


I agree with your Epcot feel a lot. For me it’s really hard to explain but after you visit MK, Animal Kingdom, and even HS first and then go into Epcot, something certainly feels “different” about the park compared to the others. Good or bad is up for debate, but it feels both Disney and completely not at the same time.

And I’m glad you were able to find such a quaint little trinket to put on your mantel! I mean, at such a cost, you almost can’t afford not to buy it!


I would have bought two but they had low stock levels. I guess people were panic-buying them.

This was also cute:


Epcot as a park for the day - I can understand its not that great

But if you like dining then there is nothing better than basing yourself in one of the onsite nearby hotels and going in there every night with no pressure of time to dine around the world

It’s such a nice place to spend an evening.

We’ve done that twice now for a week ish both times

As for the rides nothing special at all I agree

But the evening atmosphere and the restaurants are great

My daughter loved it so much she is hoping to go and work in UK pavilion for a year

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Love the update. We love Epcot but I’ve always been curious what Europeans think of World Showcase as they have much easier access to half of those countries compared to us Americans. And as an American I spend as little time as possible in the American pavilion, it’s pretty much the Colonial Williamsburg version of the US. (I understand the other countries are like that as well, stereotypical but it’s still novel to us over here). Have a great last day in the parks!!!


Are you from the UK @interested? I never realised! Good to see more of us!

Yes we live in Quorn, Leicestershire


We’re in Manchester.

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Your photos are wonderful. I’m sorry Epcot was disappointing for you.

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My opinion of Epcot is that unlike the other parks, it’s trying to replicate reality instead of putting a Disney spin on it. Epcot’s pavilions are a mishmash of different parts of countries that are supposed to give you a feel for them, but they really just give you a committee’s sanitized idea of the country. I didn’t love it before I started traveling, but now that I’ve been to several of the countries represented, I really can’t get into World Showcase. I just stayed at Boardwalk, and I had the same sanitized feeling there, too.

Also, who thought, “Hey, let’s build a giant lake in the middle of Florida and have a giant, relatively unshaded area around it for people to explore faux countries.” The humidity was a killer.

That said, the food in Epcot is good compared to the rest of the parks, which is why I go there (I tried out the restaurants in China and Japan this trip). I was also there for the start of Food and Wine (I got home yesterday), and it was interesting to have a different experience there, although the food wasn’t as good as I expected. I guess when you’re mass producing it, the subtlety in the dishes is lost.


No Test Track? We love it!

We split Epcot into two days: a Future World day and a World Showcase day. We did Test Track on our first visit.

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I heard a podcaster a while ago say that if you replaced America with North Korea in the show Americans would have a much different take on it.

How much is this Mickey? Or that other trinket that you bought? I’m extremely curious.

The castle has a price tag of $37,500.00 (pocket change!)
And the mickey has a price tag of $1,200 (a pittance!)


Wow! I’ll pick up 2 when I go back home. Just in case one breaks. Haha.

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We were leaving MK when that particularly epic storm broke out.

We made it through the very un-magical slog to the ferry and it just started to sprinkle when we reached the Heroes lot.

However my husband did not remember that when he left midday and reparked, he had parked in Villains, not Heroes. We waited under some trees and whipped out the ponchos while he scoured the lot for our minivan.

The rain got heavier until the lightening was cracking right overhead. Trams kept passing and unloading while people ran like mad to their cars.

At 10:31pm he says he must have parked it in the other lot and we have to go back and catch a different tram. Well the trams just quit running so we had a long self-guided tour back to the TTC, but it wasn’t bad, because we were up to our ankles in water and for the first time weren’t sweating.

It was a mad fight to get onto the tram to Villains. (This tram was still going). Then after the first tram stop, the driver informs us he has to stop and stay put because of such low visibility, he cannot see. So we sat on the tram while the rain poured in from the side. I wasn’t mad, I just felt “Adventure is Out There” and this is an experience we’ll get through, and one we’ll never forget!

Finally after ten minutes or so (and the driver’s reassurance that “Welcome to Florida, it rains like this all the time.”) we were back on the way to the van.

What a storm! I haven’t seen that much water come down at once in a long time.