Trip report A176



Sounds like a great day. No Star Tours though? That’s what we use our 3rd FP on (after RnRC and ToT).

Glad you’re feeling well again this morning. Have fun!

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I have bad motion-sickness memories of Star Tours from years ago.

I can see how that would put you off, though you’ve done a lot of rides that I think are far worse than that. Still you can’t fit everything in and if you’re going to skip something, a ride you’re worried you’ll get sick on is going to be top of the list.

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Thanks for sharing another great day. And glad to hear you are feeling better today.

The ToT bell looks great. I think I need to get one the next time we are there :wink:

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We haven’t had to make many choices as we’re here for ten days, but this was one of them and not a particularly tough call.

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Great report, thanks! I am always surprised by how much I enjoy HBD.

Neat souvenirs! I’d like that bell for my office desk.

Years ago I had issues on Star Tours too, but coming back to it 5 years ago after the newer video incarnations I’ve been fine.
Not sure if is better airflow or more synced up motion, but no problems now. I’d say if you can do FoP you can do ST.

@profmatt, I’m curious what was the reason for the number of Universal / WDW split days? Seems like a lot of driving? Also did you and your friend plan everything together for your trip, or did you do all the planning?
I’m enjoying reading all your reports!!

I did all the planning – and I planned this trip more than I’ve ever planned anything ever!

We had three days at Universal, two of which were split with Disney visits. These were both because of the availability of FPPs at AK.

The first arose because we knew we wanted to ride FOP a second time and I had found some FPPs for that, so we started at AK for FOP and lunch, then drove on to Universal.

The second was originally planned as a full AK day but, apart from the FPP we had for Na’vi, we didn’t really want to spend much more time there. So we did a third visit to Universal to mop up the rides we hadn’t done, and then finished the day at AK for Na’vi and then on to AKL for dinner at Sanaa.

It didn’t really add much driving. Disney and Universal are fairly close to each other.

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