Trip Report 9/18 - 9/26

Sept 18th

3:00 am Woke up
4:00 am Transportation to Philly Airport
7:00 am Plane to Orlando
9:30 Arrived at Orlando
10:00 Happy Limo to Wilderness Lodge

10:45 Arrived at Wilderness lodge, Room was ready 4135

View from room.

11:30 am Lunch at Roaring Fork. Order was wrong. Food was was sub par.

Stroller rental from Kingdom strollers was delievered along with order from gaeden grocerer. Ordered a $20 box fan and realized we did not need it. Room was very cool and had ceiling fan. But at least we had some white noise from it.

We explored the Lodge and picked up some souveniers.

Kids went to the pool for a while.


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5:20 pm Had resv at Whispering Canyon . Food and service was great.

After dinner took the boat for a loop around the lake.

Then roasted some marshmellows on the beach.

The retired for the evening, going to make rope drop on day 2.

Total walkling miles for the day = 7.46

Temp 91 for the high. No rain.

Day 2

6:00 am Wake up

7:30 am Bus to Magic Kingdom, very little wait for bus.

7:45 am Arrived at MK

8:40 Welcome show. Everyone should see this at least once.

9:10 Breakfast at Crystal Palace. Always a great experience. DDP TS Credit

10:40 am Caught Main Street Trolley Show - always good.

10:45 Caught stage show.

11:20 Fast Pass Space Mountain. Probably in the minority, I like roller coasters but did not like this one. Being in the dark and being jerked around was not fun. The couple in front of seemed to enjoy it though, lol.

11:30 Face Painting for the kids.

11:40 Tomorrowland Speedway.

11:50 Caught Dance Party Parade

12:00 Boat back to Wilderness Lodge for rest. ( Might be in the minority, but after trying to mid day break this time, we did not do it again. Seems we walked more and found it better to take mid day breaks in the park )

12:15 Arrived at the lodge.

Did not eat lunch, still full from CP

Kids did not take naps. Explored Lodge some more.

4:00 Boat back to MK

4:15 Arrived at MK

4:25 Tinker Bell Meet & Greet. Great experience.

4:55 Caught a little of the Casey’s Corner pianist.

5:10 Dinner at Plaza Restaurant. Paid cash.

6:50 Fast Pass SM.

7:15 Fast Pass BTMRR

8:00 Country Bear Jamboree. Nice Show.,

8:40 Jungle Cruise. Always fun.

9:00 Aladdins Magic Carpets. Kids Fav.

9:30 Boat Back to Lodge.

9:50 Arrived at Lodge

11:30 Lights out.

Crowd level predicted 3 Actual 7
88 degrees high
no rain
walked 13.73 miles

Day 3 Epcot

7:00 Wake up

8:25 Bus to Epcot

8:50 Arrived at Epcot. Bag check took 20 minutes

9:15 Spaceship Earth.

10:00 FP Soarin. GREAT!!

10:55 Turtle Talk with Crush. Great Show

11:40 Mexico Pavillion.


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11:50 Gran Fiesta Tour

12:05 Lunch Akershaus. DDP TS


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No Specific times on the following.

Norway Pavillion





Morroco - Kids got Tattoos

American Pavillion

Liberty singers were Amazing


Then UK

4:45 Saw British Revolution. Excellent.

5:30 Dinner at Rose and Crown. DDP TS. Food and Service Excellent

7:30 Bus Back to Lodge

8:10 Arrived at Lodge. Bus takes a little more time than other parks.

9:30 lights out - long day.

Crowd level predicted 4 Actual 5

91 degrees high - Bought 3 fan misters, well worth the price. Also used cooling towels.

No Rain

Walked 6.85 miles, but it seemed more than that lol.

Day 4 Hollywood Studios

8:00 Wake up

9:17 Bus to Hollywood Studios

9:24 Arrived at HS

10:00 Monsters inc meet and great. Love the signs.

11:15 FP Stars Tours. Fantastic Ride. DS 4 was scared, but he loves roller coasters.

12:22 Lunch at Hollywood and Vine. DDP TS. Recieved Fantasmic passes. Very nice interaction, Service and food was average.

2:25 Then to my favorite - ToT

2:45 Next to my wifes favorite - Beauty and the Beast

3:30 FP RnR My new favorite coaster.

3:50 Muppet Vision. Loved this show.

5:20 Dinner at sci fi. Paid cash. Loved it. DS 4 was scared again of the monsters on the screen.

After dinner TP went down the tubes with wait times. We just walked around the park and enjoyed the park.

Wife and I thought Fantasmic might be too much for DS because of his reaction to Star Tours and Sci Fi we decided to spread some Disney Magic by finding a family of 4 to give our preferred seating to Fantasmic to.

They were very grateful and said they were trying all day to see if they could get some because friends of theirs were there and wanted to sit with them.

7:00 Meet and Greet Sourcerer Mickey, 30 min wait.

7:45 Bus back to lodge

8:10 Arrived at lodge.

9:30 Watched the Electric Water Parade from the beach at resort. Great Viewing. Kids watched ending of the Little Mermaid at the beach movie screen.

11:00 lights out

Crowd level predicted 4 Actual 9

91 degree high

walked 7.22 miles

Day 5 MK and Halloween Party

9:00 Wake up

10:45 Boat to MK

11:00 Arrived Mk

Shopped until lunch ressie

12:35 Lunch BOG DDP CS

2:00 IASW

3:00 Peter Pan’s Flight

3:45 Festival of Fantasy Parade

4:00 Liberty Square River Boat

4:30 Got our tickets for party in Adventureland.

5:05 FP 7DMT

5:57 Barnstormer

6:05 Dumbo

6:15 Tea Cups

6:20 Winnie the Pooh

Lots of Candy now

7:20 Splash Mountain twice - walk on

7:40 BTMRR 5 min wait

More candy

9:30 (not exactly sure of the time ) Around the area of IASW - Fireworks were amazing, going off all over the place. Also noticed that Disney waters the roofs of all the surrounding areas during the fireworks.

10:30 Caught parade in front of the train station, good viewing spot.

11:55 Boat back to lodge

12:20 Arrived at lodge

1:15 Lights out

90 degrees high

no rain

Crowd Level predicted 2 Actual 4

Walked 11.01 miles

Day 6 Animal Kingdom

( Note: When planning this day ahead of time it seemed to make sense, lol. We were very tired after 5 days so our plans went out the window for this day. We had Res for Tusker House and decided we could not miss out on that, but every other plan I had for this day went out the window, but we still had an amazing day. )

9:30 Wake up

10:30 Bus to Animal Kingdom

11:15 Arrived ( Longest bus ride from Wilderness Lodge )

12:15 Watched a great show before lunch.

12:35 Tusker House, paid cash. The first photo will show how hot and tired our kids were. Food was very good and service was excellent.

After Tusker House, it was so hot at AK, we took bus back to lodge so we could go to Downtown Disney, excuse me “Disney Springs”.

Arrived at DS around 4 and stayed about 2 hours.

Back to lodge and ate at Roaring Forks again. Order was right but took long time and food was just average.

Misc pics of the day.

Surprized my wife with Beauty and the Beast figurines.

11:00 Lights out

Crowd level predicted 4 Actual 6

91 degree high

no rain

Walked 7 miles

Day 7 Resort Day - 1900 Park Fare - Hoop De Doo

Day started at 9:00

Went by boat to Mk then Boat to Grand Floridian

10:10 Brunch at 1900 Park Fair. Excellent Characters, Food, and Atmosphere. We liked it better than Crystal Palace.

Then went to Polynesian by boat and then Contempory by Monorail.

Then by boat back to Wilderness Lodge for a little rest and then back on boat to Fort Wilderness for Hoop De Doo.

When we booked Hoop de doo we could only get catagory 3 seating, but when checking in for it, we recieved some Disney Magic and were upgraded to cat 2!

Hoop De Doo was great. Great Show, Food and service!!

Have to share this pic I took in the bathroom. Draw your own conclustion.

Back to lodge for rest, long day tomorrow.

91 degrees

no rain

8.05 miles

Have to continue later due to size restrictions


Great trip report! And I love the photos.

Interesting (for me) was the abandonment of plans due to fatigue. We have a 7-day trip planned in November and I have held off planning 2 of those days wondering if my kids will be as perky as they seem to think they will be after day 3 …

Great trip and report! Thank you!

Great report.

Nice report - sound like you fit a lot into a week :slight_smile:

I am enjoying your report!

Day 8 Magic Kingdom - Halloween Party - Desert Party

10:00 Wake up

11:00 Boat to MK

11:20 Arrived MK

11:45 Lunch at Tony’s. This Place Does not enough love. We loved the food, atmosphere, and service.

After lunch we had nothing planned until a 3:10 FP For A&E. We just strolled, rode some rides, and shopped.

BTW This is only $37,500,00. There are a few left, lol.

Stopped off at Gastons for a Cinnamon Rol.

3:10 FP A&E we also did Cindy & Rapunzel. This trip we had the Characters sign our DVD covers. Great way to remind us of our trip when we watch the movies.

Right after that we got luckey and had a meet and greet with the step sisters & step mother. My DS got a big wet one from Anastatia.

This is my favorite meet and greet. Fantastic

4:00 Dinner at BOG. Great as always. Shimp & Scallop pastry was excellent.

After dinner we went and recieved of credentials for the Halloween & Desert Partys. Mis communication was abundent with the cast members. Same questions were answered differently by no less than 8 different cast members. Terrible!

7:00 Started to rain, I was still upset over the miscommunication the rain added to the unmagical expierience.

Went to tomorrowland for cover and to stroll around. Found the MM photo booth which the kids loved.

Did not use the preferred viewing for the parade because we had already seen it on the 22nd and did not want to fight the crowds.

Also did not get to see the Hocus Pocus show because of the crowds and the way kids were being abused. Did not want to subject my kids to this type of behavior.

9:30 Desert party. Great Deserts and viewing for the fireworks and Castle.

Kids did enjoy that.

It is amazing to me that a grown man (in costume) around 35 years old could literaly run over, at full speed, my DS4 just to get some free dessert! Many of the guest that night were just rude and selfess.

11:45 Boat Back to Lodge.

Next day was pack and say goodbye to Walt Disney World.

In conclusion:

Our trip was very good and enjoyed 95% of our time.

For us though, MNSSHP is a one and done for us. We went last December to MVMCP and it was totally different the way it felt.

The guest, not all but enough to to really notice, were rude, greedy, impatient, and generaly uncaring. I do not know if it was the heat, crowd level, people from other countries, scammers, or a combination of these. Christmas time was totally different to us.

The Cast Members, food, sevice, and lodging were all fantastic, keeping with the magic Disney is known for.

Also, maybe it was just me but I seemed to notice that motorized scooters almost out numbered the strollers. I actually saw a large paneled truck dropping off numerous scooters at one time during our stay.

All that said, I Still Love Disney World my kids, wife, and I will keep all the wonderful memories with us for a long time.

Next time we go will be Chistmas time again.

Once again, thank you to all the liners with their helpful info in making planning this trip a success.

Have a magical day !


Thanks so much for sharing your trip report! We are going to MNSSHP next year, that last week of September, so your report was very helpful as to what to expect. I am sorry that you had so many rude people during your party time! We don’t love large crowds of people ourselves, which is why we thought September would be a good time to go. It sounds like the lower crowd levels during this month are a thing of the past. It sounds like you and your family still had more positive magic than negative from some rude people. Glad you had a great trip! :slight_smile:

Thanks again for a great report! I went to MVMCP and MNSSHP last year. I know people love the parade and HalloWishes of the Halloween Party but even with a sold out Christmas Party I found the crowd to be so kind and people went out of their way to spread magic (. Letting kids sit in front of them during the parade, making sure no one’s view was blocked during the fireworks). How people treat each other makes such a difference in the experience!

Love your pics, but especially the TOT one, stunning!

Enjoyed reading trip report. Pictures were great, kids adorable. Glad you enjoyed trip, sorry for rude people at party.

I forgot the pics of the rain, lol

Thank you all for your comments, I enjoyed sharing.

Thanks very much for sharing - a great trip report and I love your idea of characters signing DVD covers!

Thanks for your trip report! I was wondering do you have a pic of the DVDs you have with character signatures? Thats a great idea, we are looking for something different on this trip, thanks!

Here are a couple. I took the covers out of the cases and put them in a folder to protect them. Easy to carry around in a back pack.

Hope this helped.

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Also, try to find a white or silver sharpie for dark colored DVD covers.

Thanks I love it! I have a silver and gold sharpie yay!