Trip Report 8/19-8/24

Trip Report Day 1 - Mon 8/19

Arrival day and MK

Background - trip was myself, my husband, and our daughter (4). We did a 5 night/6 day package at the contemporary garden wing (8/19-8/24), which I booked in January with a free Disney dining plan promo.

Well our trip started off with a glitch. We were supposed to fly out of LGA at 7am with a 10am arrival. The night before I got an email saying our flight was delayed 3 hours! We were bummed knowing we’d be missing some of my previously planned park time, but trying to rejoice in the added value of some extra sleep. At least we found out before waking up at the crack of dawn and prior to leaving for the airport.

Our new flight departed at 10am and we landed at MCO around 1240. We got on the magical express around 1 - we stopped off at the bathroom first and were literally the last people on the Bus (it was packed!) so we didn’t get to sit together. The bus stopped first at Poly and then either GF or FWL - I cant recall which. Either way we got to the contemporary around 215. While on the bus I had gotten an alert that our room was ready and that our garden grocer package had been delivered to bell services.

Once off the bus we dropped our one carryon backpack at bell services, which was very quick. Then we walked off to MK! Due to our flight delay I had to adjust our plan and FPs. Originally I had booked Small world at 12, PP at 1, and Rapunzel/Tiana meeting at 2. Naturally I was able to modify times for the first and last but PP was of course a no go. I took some liner advice and did screenshots of the PP fast pass time and the flight delay notification and was hoping I could beg for some CM mercy when we arrived.

We arrived at the park right towards the end of FOF parade. This was a fun although crowded and chaotic arrival -fighting the traffic leaving the park. We hit up Small World and then I went to beg about PP, but by this time fantasyland was a hot crowded mess. Apparently the ride had just gone down and it was utter chaos. I was basically told to go to guest services, which we deemed not worth it. I figured I could get PP FP or standby later in the trip. We hit up the carousel and while waiting to get on I did mobile ordering for Pinocchio house. Mobile ordering is AMAZING and I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do it! I clicked prepare right as we were getting off the ride and by the time we went in and washed our hands I had to wait about 1 min for the food. DH and DD4 got table overlooking the small world boats which my daughter was of course over the moon for. After eating we made it to our next FP at rapunzel/tiana. Next I had modified our earlier PP FP to barnstormer so we went to do that. Skies were looking gloomy at this point and I was feeling like we should book it there…basically by the time we were literally next to board the ride they shut down for weather! This didn’t convert to anytime FP bc we had already tapped in. Ugh! The CMs were not particularly gracious or helpful. My husband And I were both a bit irked after the flight delay, and now losing 2 fast passes basically so he asked one more cm on our way off the ride if she could do anything. She made kind of a big deal about how “we really never do this etc” but basically she wound up giving us a multi experience anytime FP. Tired and with Ponchos and soggy shoes we made our way back to the Contemporary.

So I had done the TP room request and got pretty close! I had asked for a contemporay garden wing room on ground level (we wanted a patio) and water view. We got first floor and more of a garden/pool view but this was great and we ultimately loved the room and location. Anyway when we arrived back from MK we Stopped by bell services to pick up our carryon and ask for our groceries to be sent to the room (6$ charge and came very quickly). Upon arrival in the room we were surprised - no luggage! Referring to the sheet they had mailed with our tags it said up to 3 hours. Argh again. We called and they said it was on the truck and should be here in 20 min. Still never showed up. Fortunately we had packed some back up dinner clothes as our chef Mickey reservation was at 7. That said our luggage still had not come by the time we left for dinner. Seemed kind of crazy it could take over 6 hours, but it did.

Dinner time - CM was great. This was our second time there (we went last summer). We were seated right away and DD4 loved meeting characters and getting autographs, though making her own ice cream sundae was still the highlight. We were stuffed but headed back to MK around 8. Since we were in the main building already for CM we took the monorail which was slow and we definitely wished we had just walked it. Once we got through the tapstiles Main Street was already super crowded up for fireworks (it was about 830) and it was difficult to get through, but the sweet glory afterwards! We used our multi experience FP for barntormer (which I almost immediately realized was a mistake bc standby line was almost equal. But my dd’s heart was set on it. Loved it, got off, and rode again with a 5 min line. Then we hit up dumbo (also no line and even empty seats). It was really lovely to experience these rides at night with the fireworks and the music in the background and zero crowds. Really a highlight. Then we went off for our last FP WTP. I’m underwhelmed by this ride and last year it scared DD but this year she loved it. We promised one more ride as it was getting late. She wanted to do buzz and we ran over as fast as we could but the post firework rush caught up with us and it was long. Headed for the people mover, which I love, especially at night. Great way to beat the heat off your feet and see the lights of Tomorrowland. Walked back to our room and happily dozed off.

I will say the CL today was predicted as a 5 I think, but it felt higher to me like a 7 maybe? Last year we were here at a 9-10 time in July and this didn’t feel that much less. Great day - back with more soon!


Great start to your report! Your luggage experience is why I’m glad we have to collect ours (coming from the UK) - I wouldn’t like it to be out of my control.

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great start - loved reading what you have so far.

Was thinking the same thing about the luggage - leaning towards not doing the luggage tags and just collecting ourselves so we have our bags when we land.

We did the luggage tags but then they sent our stroller through to luggage so we had to go through baggage anyway! Just a pain no matter how you do it.

Welcome, great report, sorry about the flight change and luggage delay. We enjoyed our stay at Contemporary Garden Wing.