Trip Report: 4 Days & 50 Miles / Day 4: 10/22/18

10/20/18 - 10/23/18
Contemporary Resort, Rm 4315
Deluxe Dining Plan & 4-Day Hoppers + MNSSHP 10/21

Day 4: Magic Kingdom

We were packed and ready to go by 7:20am. Took our bags down to the airline baggage check-in, which was a wonderful convenience. We dropped our carry-ons with the bellman. Walked to MK, arriving just as the Let the Magic Begin welcome show was concluding and walked straight to Space Mountain. Mickey Pretzel w/cheese for “breakfast”. FP for Pirates of the Caribbean (which DS was surprised to see without all the MNSSHP enhancements), Big Thunder Mountain (which I rode alone, got stuck, and had to be evacuated from the tunnel by team of CMs and walked out through the backstage areas under the mountain!), and Seven Dwarfs (which I again rode alone, but is my absolute favorite roller coaster). DS had pepperoni flatbread & fries from Pinocchio Village Haus for lunch which he said was fine. My “lunch” was a pineapple upside down cake with Dole Whip from Aloha Isle (it was not pretty, but it was tasty) and followed up with one last popcorn.

Other attractions we did on this last day that DS & I loved: Frontierland Shootin’ (again), Haunted Mansion (again, snagged a FP), Swiss Family Treehouse, Enchanted Tiki Room (ADORE!!!), Hall of Presidents, Muppets History, Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, Carousel of Progress. We also saw PhilharMagic, but should have skipped this… did not enjoy.

We met three special Cast Members at the Magic Kingdom, and it really touched my heart that the Disney corporation would be so inclusive in their hiring. The lovely lady CM at Frontierland Shootin’ was deaf but read lips, we had a conversation about one of the toy guns. Also, a CM at the Space Mountain merchandise shop and another CM at a popcorn cart were high functioning ASD and both did an excellent job. Bravo, Disney!

Stopped in to the Confectionary to spend one last snack credit on a giant bag of gummy worms and a much needed Monster, picked up packages at Chamber of Commerce, walked back to CR to pick up bags from bellman and then on to Tragical Express. Boo hiss!! A great final day for me, poor DS was experiencing a Disney overdose which turned him into Grumpy dwarf. Magical Express was a nice relaxing trip to the airport, not too early / not too late.

8 hours today: 18,954 steps: 1 park: 13 attractions

After thoughts:

I wanted to report wait times, but between trying to snag / modify FP and planning our route to the next ride, I just didn’t have the time or attention to do it. I did report BTMRR when it went down.

The more tired I was, the harder it became to efficiently execute the TP. I re-optimized more than I thought I would. My customized TPs were an absolute necessity to get it all done!

I used the MDE app much more than anticipated. I had added show and parade times to my DME itinerary, and along with the FP and dining reservations it was very useful.

I relied heavily on the walking directions in the MDE app to get from ride to ride.

Next time, I’ve got to get more sleep in the week leading up to the trip. It’s hard to get to bed early when I am excited for the trip and wanting to read forums and make plans late into the night.

I successfully cancelled two dining reservations late the night before by rescheduling to a later date then canceling. But after the fact, I wished I had kept them and finished the last day as planned.

You CAN enjoy Table Service dining on a tight schedule without wasting a lot of time: tell your CM you are on a tight timetable; know what you want to order before you walk into the restaurant; order your drink, appetizer, entree, and dessert at once when you first encounter the CM; tell them not to pace the meal, that you won’t be mad if your entree arrives before you finish your appetizer; ask for the ticket immediately when you receive your first food; take dessert to go and eat it as you meander to your next FP; tip with cash so you don’t have to wait for the second Dining Plan receipt to sign for your tip charge. We had 30 to 45 minute Table Service meals by doing this, and never felt rushed while eating.

Loved the shows at HS more than anticipated. Would loved to have spent more time at HS.
Found Futureworld to be old and lackluster. Next time, would plan to spend less time at Epcot.
Wished I had skipped some attractions at AK and left more time to just wander the animal trails.
Park Hoppers are essential if you’re trying to do it all in a short trip.

Deluxe Dining Plan:
Cost $697.50 for two adults for three days
9 table service credits, 12 snacks
We just ate what we wanted and didn’t try to stuff ourselves or maximize our ROI
Grand Total: $809.17 in food & beverage purchases
Savings of $111.67
Breakdown here:

My absolute favorites: Haunted Mansion, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Pirates of the Caribbean, Enchanted Tiki Room, Frozen.
DS16 favorites: MuppetVision 3D, Toy Story Mania, Jack Diamond at HS, Frontierland Shootin’, Cadaver Dans, Hall of Presidents, Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.
Favorite meals: AKL Boma breakfast buffet, AK Yak & Yeti TS lunch, HS Brown Derby dinner.

4 days: 47 hours: 4 parks: 70 attractions: 105,369 steps = 49.89 MILES!


Sounds like a great trip! Thank you for your insight, but especially for the tips about about TS meals. I’ve been questioning whether I should keep mine due to the posts about long wait times after your reservation time. I hate the thought of losing time in the parks. We’ve typically packed sandwiches for lunch and grabbed QS meals for dinner. We are not using the dining plan, so we only have 3 scheduled on park days… but they are pretty good! CRT at 10, SciFi at 4 and BOG at 8:30 during the last week of January.

BTMRR is my favorite coaster. I don’t know if I would have been excited or terrified to evacuate through the mountain! What a memory!

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Great trip! I especially enjoyed reading as I have a DS16 as well. It takes a special attitude to enjoy WDW with such a kid, but you proved it could be done. :laughing: :laughing: I hope I fare as well in March, although he’ll be 17 by then.


So impressed with this report, but especially the spreadsheet of dining costs. Has been years since I used DDP, but through MVT next October, it’s “essentially” free


Do they offer discounts on the dining or is the “essentially free” part due to the discount you received on the room and tickets?

I already had tickets. the room was already discounted and I threw in dining which based on room discount was pretty much free
in other words I got a room and dining for the price of the room at regular cost

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Thank you for clarifying.

After checking in at reservation time, we waited under ten minutes for HS 50’s Primetime Cafe, under 15 minutes for MK Liberty Tree Tavern. HS Brown Derby, AKL Boma, CR Wave, AK Yak & Yeti, Epcot Biergarten, Epcot Teppan Edo, all of these we were seated within moments of checking in for our reservation. Our breakfasts were before 8am, our lunches noon to 1pm-ish, our dinners 6 to 7ish.

Vaya con Dios, my friend! LOL I’m just hoping he will eventually remember the trip fondly :joy:

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I just liked having all the meals paid for up front. DS16 can be a penny pincher, and being able to tell him to eat anything he wanted as it was all paid for made for a more enjoyable time. And that boy can EAT!

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I hear ya. The Ddp is a lot of food, but my husband is VERY Tight, I mean frugal, so it will be good to not worry about it