Trip Report - 3 first timers

Staying AoA with 2yo and 4yo and DH fit 40th b-day. No one has ever been except me and that was over 20 years ago.

Arrival day
7am flight from PHL went well for kids. Arrived early. At AoA by 11. Had lunch at food court - it’s A bit chaotic with all the different stations. Kids played on reef playground. Room wasn’t ready still at 1:30 so I went to check and they found something available close to my request - so always ask! Glad I picked landscape view - do not pick pool view - it’s noisy.

Overall I like the space of the Nemo suites though. Kids loved seeing the Cars area.
Checked in and went to pool. Then headed to DS to ride train and carousel. Dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express- it was good but even at 4:40 it had a line. The. We went to one of my daughter’s must see - Goofy’s candy store. It was fun.

Home early for bed. DS had a slight fever from the heat but it’s going down. Will be in MK tomorrow so will take advantage of all the indoor rides.

Great first day.


Great start! Looking forward to following along :grin:

Great start!

Forgot to mention both kids fell asleep on ME!


Day 2 MK
Had PPO at BOG. DD was underwhelmed - said it was too dark and didn’t like the crepes (I agree). We won’t be back. We were in line for Princess Fairy Tale Hall at 8:50 which was supposed to be Rapunzel/Tiana but it was listed as mystery princesses and up bring Aurora and Tiana - what’s the deal with that? DD still enjoyed herself. They didn’t start letting people in until 9:02 and put wait was around 10 minutes.
On to Dumbo - posted 25 minutes. Only one of the 2 sets were running. We did end up waiting 25. This through off out plans. 2 min wait for Barnstormer. The kids hated it and said no more coasters. Now I don’t know what to do about my 7dmt and SDdt FPP. I know these are different experiences that DD might enjoy. DS is too small. FPP for Enchanted Tales. DD played Maurice and had a blast. Rode teacups with minimal wait. Met Alice on a whim with a brief wait. FPP for Pooh. Still over 10 minutes but both kids loved the ride! We had an earlier than planned lunch at CHH which was great and a nice break. FPP for PP which was still about 15 minutes. Great rode though. I was then able to tap in to get Under the Sea which I had wanted to do after I’m the morning but we fell behind. Another fun ride. DS rode carousel while DD shopped. They were bay and were able to swing a stroller nap. We all rested on the shaded birch at Cosmic Rays. I highly recommend for a rest. After nap we watched Royal Friendship Faire in the blazing heat but both kids loved it - so worth it. Then our 4:40 ADR at CP. seated at 4:50. Pooh happened to be at the entrance and DS ran right up and gave him a hug. The kids had a blast. Highlight of the day for me. Good food too. Done around 6:15 so not a quick meal. Scored a 6:40 FPP for PoC which was on my list for another day. Kids did ok. Soda they were scared but didn’t cry. Less than 3 min wait for bus hope and we’re beat.

Over 17,000 steps. On to AK tomorrow.

One more nite - this was an 88 degree in April and projected CL 4. I can’t imagine higher CLs or summer heat!


It gets HOT in Orlando. That is why we are going in November as opposed to next June. We went on a cruise out of Orlando and my wife took my kids to the playground and came back in 10 minutes and said “We can’t go to Disney in June”. I get it. It’s really hot. She said what about Christmas time and I asked her if she was crazy due to all the crowds. We settled on Thanksgiving week, which might not be a whole lot better on the crowds, but it is a little bit. Not nearly as hot though.

Following along. I know you all will have a blast!

Day 3
We were in no rush and didn’t plan on arriving at 8 but ended up getting there a few minutes after. Buses were packed and there were 3 at our resort at one time. Security lines were long. Can’t imagine ehY it’s like earlier.

Walked on triceratop soon. Fun for kids but even they didn’t think it was their fav. FPP for KS. Great ride - we saw a lot of animals. Did Gorilla trail. Watched some of the performers in Africa. 11:00 FOTL. Made a mistake and stood in FPP line for a good 5 minutes before realizing and as a result DH couldn’t sit with us in the theater. Great show though. Lunch at TS. We had to wait about 15 mins. First 3 characters showed up quickly but we had to wait a while for Daisy. Do allow 90 minutes there plus a bit of a wait. Decent food and a great way to see the characters. Kids loved it. Went to NRJ with FPP. We all tonight it was a beautiful ride. Only 10 minutes with FPP. Next FPP adventures outpost since we didn’t see Minnie at lunch. Still a 25 minute wait with FPP so be warned! Did boneyard to tire kids out. They lived it although it is scary you can’t always see your kids. DS napped on way out of park and while we waited for the bus which was our longest so far at about 20 minutes. Bus waits have been brief so far.
Arrived back to resort around 4 and now we’re relaxing a bit before dinner at food court and an early bed.