Trip Report: 10/9 - 10/15

I always enjoyed reading trip reports during my planning process, so I thought I’d attempt to document our first trip to WDW. Around Christmas, my mother (DM) suggested that 2016 should be the year we take my DD4 to WDW for the first time. It would essentially be a first trip for all of us. My parents took my sister & I to WDW for a short visit in the early 80s, but none of us remember much from that trip. So in January, I started the planning process for a trip during Fall Break. Step one involved purchasing the UG book which I had heard referenced in various conversations in the past year. Not long after that, I joined touring plans. And then I discovered the lines app and chat feature and fell all the way down the planning rabbit hole. I faithfully read chat, monitored wait times and FP+ availability, tweaked my customized touring plans, and checked various Disney related websites daily in my attempt to plan every detail of our trip.

It seemed like every person I talked to recommended that we stay at AoA. So initially, I booked a Lion King suite at AoA along with the dining plan and 5-day tickets for myself, DD4 and my parents. Over the next several weeks, I kept reading about MVT on chat. I contacted an agent, and we switched our reservation to a standard room at the Polynesian for slightly less money. I was ecstatic! In June, my sister (DSis), brother-in-law (DBiL), and niece (DN6) decided to join us. My MVT agent was able to get them a room at the Poly. And through the TP Reservation Finder, I was eventually able to get them all the same dining reservations as us!

Day 1 – Sunday, October 9

We started off our trip with some Disney magic. While I was getting ready at home, I was finally able to snag a pre-RD breakfast at BOG for Thursday morning for the rest of the group while I took DD4 to her BBB appointment. I’d been trying to snag this ADR for 4 months and had missed on all the previous alerts. Score! Then, while we were driving to the airport, my DBiL received his room ready text. Third floor Samoa facing the main pool – exactly what I had requested via the TP fax! About an hour later, I received my room ready text, and we were given the connecting room next door. Score!

We had a direct flight on Southwest from Indianapolis to MCO. We arrived at MCO around 4:30 pm, made our way to the DME bus and to the Poly. We went directly to our room. We immediately changed into our swimsuits and headed down to the pool. DD4 LOVED the kids splash pad! After letting her enjoy the splash pad for awhile, we headed into Captain Cook’s for dinner. I had the pork fried rice, which was really good. While we were eating, DSis & family arrived. After we finished eating, we headed back out to the splash pad to let the girls swim together for awhile. And then we were back in our rooms for a normal bedtime, so that we were ready for our first day at Hollywood Studios!


Day 2 – Monday, October 10 – Hollywood Studios (Crowd Level 10)

My TP had us arriving at 10 am because there were several attractions that we planned to skip, but the plan was to stay for Fantasmic. We arrived on time and also right as the March of the First Order was starting. A massive amount of people were lined up on both sides of Hollywood Blvd, but I directed everyone to keep walking until we made it to the GMR stage. We peeled off to the right near the stage, and the Stormtroopers followed shortly thereafter. We watched their little show for 5-10 minutes and then headed to use our first FP+ for Disney Jr. We got a great spot center stage a few rows back in a packed theater (DF was able to get a bench seat). DD4 LOVED this show, probably her favorite of the week. She was up dancing and clapping and popping bubbles and collecting as many gold doubloons as she could get her hands on.

After we exited the show, I had scheduled an early 11 am lunch since we were also having an early dinner. We stopped for lunch at Starring Rolls. I directed DSis & family to the Sunset Ranch area since I knew they would prefer the food options down there. I enjoyed my lunch of soup and salad. After lunch, we met up, stopped for a couple of photos (we had decided to split MM three ways), and then headed to use our FP+ for the Frozen Sing-Along. We entered the holding area too early, and this marked the first of many times of listening to the girls whine about waiting in lines. However, we had good seats, and the girls seemed to enjoy the show and sang along to the songs.

From there, we headed down to the Olaf M&G. The wait seemed too long, so I decided we would skip it and check back later. We then headed to use our FP+ for TSMM. Everyone in the family enjoyed this ride. The girls were clamoring to go back and meet the Disney Jr. characters so we headed back that way. The girls were thrilled to meet & get autographs from Doc, Pluto, Jake & Sophia. I had budgeted an hour for these meets, but I would say it took less time than that. During this process, I was able to split our group in two and get FP+ for the GMR.

After the meets, we got in the standby line for the next showing of VotLM. Again, lots of whining about waiting in line. We weren’t that far back in the standby line, but we didn’t think we were going to get into the next show at first. However, we made it in the last row of the theater, and DD4 really enjoyed the show. They were all surprised by the water feature! After the show, we headed to use our FP+ for the GMR.

My plan originally was to go see BatB before dinner and hit up the GMR after dinner. But after listening to DBiL (and to a lesser extent DSis) complain about More Rides, Less Shows, I decided to skip BatB and get FP+ for the GMR before dinner. (Note – by later in the week, I was much more forward about suggesting that we split up in the park.) DD4 wasn’t scared at all during the GMR, but I think we all decided the ride was just okay. We still had about a half hour before our dinner reservation so we walked down to the Olaf M&G. It still showed a posted wait time of 30-35 minutes, but the line didn’t seem as long as earlier so I went to speak to the CM. She said the wait was more like 20 minutes. So we got in line, the CM’s estimate was correct, and the girls loved meeting Olaf.

We then headed to our 4:35 pm ADR for Minnie’s Halloween Dine at H&V. Myself, DSis, and DBiL went in the Tune-In Lounge to get drinks while we waited. We came back and waited about 5-10 minutes more, and then we were called to be seated. The girls were BEYOND excited throughout this dinner. They LOVED meeting all the characters, getting autographs, etc. And we all enjoyed our food. Our server was great, and the character attendant was very good about informing us when each character was headed to our table.

After dinner, my plan was to split up into 2 groups. Myself, DBiL and DF headed to RnRC. I sent DM, DSis and the girls off to the Launch Bay. Based on how crowded it was, I knew that we only had time for RnRC or ToT (not both). I preferred that we do ToT (which had a 50-60 minute wait). But DBiL really wanted to do RnRC (which had a wait over 2 hours), and again I went with his choice to appease him. We got in the single rider line, which I knew was going to take a long time, and we ended up waiting over an hour. It was fun, but probably a little too intense for my taste at age 41. I think I kept my eyes closed the majority of the time. I didn’t see anyone near my father’s age in line, and he survived it. In fact, he said it was his favorite ride at the end of the week! While we did RnRC, the rest of the group breezed through the Launch Bay. DSis said that the girls had no interest in anything there, but they did stop to dance with the Jawas who loved them! And then they did MuppetVision, which they all liked.

They were waiting for us when we got off RnRC (and the Star Wars fireworks were going off). We then headed into Fantasmic with FP+ (got it as a 5th while in line for GMR). We were running late, so the theater was practically full already. We were seated all the way on the left but down really low. I thought the view was fine, and we really enjoyed the show. We had to wait for a second bus when we got to our stop but made it back to the Poly around 9:30.

Despite the fact that I was already sensing that DBiL & Dsis were Disney buzzkills, and the crowd level was a 10, I thought it was a really successful first day. We were exhausted, but we had fun and got everything done on my TP except for BatB.


Thanks Becky, I’m enjoying your trip report & getting excited about my trip in 40 something days.
It can be hard travelling with other people with different preferences so I sympathise with your situation.
I went to Dland many years ago with my DH, DKids, DM & DParents in Law. We called the parents “The 3 Amigos” and some days we hardly saw them. Luckily they were understanding and also enjoyed wandering round, seeing the shows & street musicians.
I’m looking forward to the next instalment.


Enjoying your trip report so far. Glad to hear the Halloween Dine was exciting for the girls. I’m hoping my DD is going to really enjoy that one.

You got so much done! Looking forward to reading more.

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Thanks for sharing details of your trip. Sounds like your HS day was a big success and you got to do plenty. Looking forward to reading the next instalment.

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I’m sure your DD will love it! My DD was bouncing with excitement the entire time. Lots of hugs and fun with the characters. I wouldn’t hesitate to book it again in the future.

Thank you! I knew going into the trip that DBiL and DSis weren’t really Disney people and were only going so that the girls could share the experience. And I told them several times that my TP were focused on what the girls would like. I guess I thought they would fake a little more enthusiasm. And I didn’t realize how much their attitude would bother me. With that said, I still really enjoyed the trip!

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Day 3 – Tuesday, October 11 – Magic Kingdom (Crowd Level 8)

About two weeks before we left, MK hours were revised so that the park opened at 8 am on this day. I knew it wasn’t realistic to have the girls up and out the door for RD after closing down HS the night before. I re-ran my TP before we left with a 9 am start time, and the wait times didn’t really change, so I decided to stick with it. Sure enough, I had to drag DD4 out of bed on this morning. We were out the door just slightly behind schedule and arrived at the monorail to find a CM telling guests that it was down. So we walked back down to the marina to take the boat. We eventually made our way into MK around 9:15. And Main Street was already packed! It was a bit overwhelming, but I decided to stick to my TP.

We started off by heading in to meet talking Mickey. There was a decent line, which lead to whining from two tired & cranky girls. But once inside, they loved that this Mickey talked to them! Mickey asked the girls to pretend to be tiki birds with him. Very cute! After exiting, we went around to get back in line for Tinkerbell. Her line wasn’t as long, but still, more whining. Again, once inside, they loved meeting Tinkerbell and getting her autograph.

From here, we headed down Main Street. It was really crowded, and I knew that we were behind on my TP. But the family wanted to stop for a picture on Main Street, so I obliged. I was also already hearing complaints from DBiL about More Rides, Less Characters. I directed us to Tomorrowland, where we started with Buzz. The line here seemed to steadily move along, and we all really enjoyed this ride. Buzz Lightyear was meeting outside at this point, but I decided to bypass him so that we could head to the Speedway.

The line for the Speedway seemed to take forever, so again, lots of whining. However, the girls absolutely LOVED “driving” their own cars. I drove my DM around, and it was amusing to watch the girls try to drive in front of us. After the Speedway, my TP called for us to do Astro Orbiter, People Mover and MILF. However, at this point, I thought we only had time for the People Mover before our lunch reservation. We got in line for the People Mover only to realize that the escalator wasn’t working, and the CM wasn’t letting people go up. We waited about 5-10 more minutes, and the escalator still wasn’t working so we decided to get out of line. We then headed to our 11:35 am ADR at Crystal Palace.

At the hub, we ran into the end of the Move It, Shake It parade, which DD4 really liked. And then we were seated right away at CP for lunch. The breakfast people were just finishing up, and they had just put out the lunch food. Again, we had a good server, and we all really enjoyed our food. The girls were SUPER excited to meet all the characters and get their autographs. Since we had an early lunch, we were able to eat and see all the characters and be out in an hour.

From there, we headed to the Magic Carpets. Again, there was a decent line which lead to whining, but the girls really liked the ride. They tried their hardest to get spit on by the camel, but I think the only one who got wet was my DM, lol. We then headed to use our FP+ for the Jungle Cruise. Of course, it was cheesy, but our skipper was fun, and it seemed to hold the girls’ interest.

Next up, we walked right into the Enchanted Tiki Room. LOTS of eye rolls from DSis on this one, but I thought it was cute and DD4 bounced along to the songs. We came out of here and had just a little bit of a break before our FP+ for Pirates. DD4 enjoyed the little splash area near Magic Carpets and then I changed her into a dry shirt. We then headed to use our FP+ for Pirates. Everyone really enjoyed this ride. DD4 continually asked…where’s Jake, where’s Izzy, where are the pirates?

We then walked around to Frontierland. At this point, we got separated from DSis & family as apparently my DBiL realized his magic band was missing and had headed off to guest services to get a new one. Myself, DD4 and my DF then headed in to watch the Country Bears while my DM staked out a spot to watch the FoF parade. DD4 enjoyed the Country Bears and clapped and bounced along. We came out and my DSis and DN6 had joined up with my DM.

The FoF parade was excellent! I loved it and actually got goosebumps while watching. The girls absolutely loved seeing all the characters and waving to them. My favorite moment was when Elsa made eye contact with DD4, pointed at her Elsa shirt, and then placed her hands over her heart. Super cute! DBiL made it back to join us right as the parade was ending with a new magic band.

We then headed to use our FP+ for Splash Mountain. I showed DD4 several videos of Splash before our trip, and she claimed that she wanted to do it. However, she was still measuring 39-39.5” inches at home prior to leaving. Sure enough, she was too short to join us. But she was happy to go to the Laughing Place play area with my DM (who is not a thrill ride person). We all loved Splash, especially DN6 who clearly was into the thrill rides. We got a bit wet, but it was warm and we dried fairly quickly. We finished up our time in MK by taking the train from Frontierland to Main Street. The train was packed, and we all had to split up to fit on. But it was nice getting off at Main Street and exiting the park as all the Halloween party people were entering.

We took the monorail back to the Poly. We then immediately changed into our swimsuits and headed down to the pool. The girls loved having pool time, and the adults enjoyed a few adult beverages. While we were at the pool, my parents relaxed in the room and then headed to Disney Springs for the evening. We decided to venture over to the Contemporary for dinner. Contempo Café was very busy, but I thought the food was good. DD4 was getting tired and cranky at this point, so I took her back to the Poly as soon as I was finished eating.

When we got back to the Poly, I finally gave into DD4’s pleas for a souvenir. We stopped in Moana Mercantile and DD4 picked out a baby Elsa (like we really need another Elsa?!?!). This made her immensely happy, and we were back to our room for a normal bedtime.

Overall, I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that we didn’t get more done in MK before lunch. But I think it was the right decision to forgo RD as DD4 was tired enough as is. We still had a really successful afternoon in MK, and the girls got plenty of pool time which they loved!


Wow… I dread the day my family wants to go along. I told them a long time ago if they wanted to join us they either needed to plan their own trip or let me do all of the planning with nary a peep out of them lol. So far they haven’t elected to go. I’m afraid I would have run out of patience with the whining on day 1.


I’m really enjoying your trip report and can’t wait for more!

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Day 4 – Wednesday, October 12 – Epcot (Crowd Level 7)

I was determined to make RD on our Epcot day. The Epcot monorail wasn’t scheduled to start until 9 am on this day. I wasn’t sure where we could pick up an Epcot bus (at the Poly vs at the TTC), but when we walked out of the Poly, there was an Epcot bus waiting at the bus stop. We stopped at the GF and made it to Epcot shortly before RD. My family gave me a hard time both walking to the gates and once inside as I was encouraging them to walk with a purpose!

The plan was for my DM to take DD4 to meet Joy & Sadness and then the gang at Character Spot followed by LwtL. The rest of us were going to do Test Track followed by Soarin’. We made it to Test Track, and the wait wasn’t too long before we were in designing our cars. DN6 really liked this aspect of it. We all really loved this ride. When we exited, a significant line had formed, and we headed right to Soarin’.

We were right on track with my TP, but there was still a decent wait at Soarin’ by the time we made it in line. My DM sent me a text that they were finished with their to-do list while we were still in line. I instructed her to head back to Pin Central to buy 2 of the Remy Scavenger Hunt maps. We made it to the boarding area and were placed in section B3. Everyone loved this ride and actually agreed that it was worth the wait.

We then met up with my DM and DD4 out in front of The Land pavilion. She said their morning was a total success, and they had no real waits for any of it. Joy & Sadness loved DD4. Especially Sadness, who kept tugging on DD4 to prevent her from leaving. DD4 couldn’t stop talking about it! She also loved seeing Mickey, Minnie & Goofy again, and I was happy to get some good pictures of her alone with these characters. My DM also found LwtL to be really interesting. She was able to get 2 of the scavenger hunt maps. And DD4 convinced Mimi to buy her a pink princess pin lanyard with some pins!

From here, we headed off to use our FP+ for the Seas with Nemo & Friends. The girls really enjoyed this ride. As soon as we got off the ride, DBiL was trying to hurry us off to the next attraction. He had no interest in doing anything else except F&W. But I took both girls and lead them away to explore the various exhibits on the ground level. They enjoyed this a lot. My TP called for us to do Turtle Talk next, but I decided not to push it with DBiL. So we headed off to the Imagination pavilion.

Next up, we used our FP+ for Journey into Imagination. I thought this ride was cute, and the girls seemed to really like it. Again, as soon as we got off the ride, DBiL was trying to hurry us off to the F&W booths. But, we ignored him and let the girls play around in the various exhibits. I also had them take some pictures in the photo booth here that accepted MM.

Finally, it was time for F&W! I told my parents that they did not have to stay with us and sent them off to explore WS on their own for a while. We started off at the Islands of the Caribbean booth. I had the grouper which was really good. Next, we stopped at the Canada booth, and I had the filet which I also loved. We also explained the scavenger hunt to the girls and found the first Remy. They were super excited by the idea of the scavenger hunt and earning a prize!

We found the next Remy in the UK and made our way to the France booth. I decided to just get the martini slush here, and it was amazing. I could have enjoyed several more of these! This was also when I decided to pull up the Remy spoiler video on my phone, and miraculously, we found Remy in France. We then stopped at the Brazil & Belgium booths. I got the pork belly from Brazil which was really good.

Next, we stopped at the Morocco booth, and I got the spicy hummus fries and the mimosa. These were the only items that I found a bit disappointing all day. The spicy hummus fries were just okay, and the mimosa wasn’t great either. We found Remy and headed off to meet up with my parents in Japan.

Prior to the trip, we had purchased the Minnie pearl cage necklaces off of Etsy so that the girls could do Pick A Pearl in Japan. When we entered the store, we were told that it would be about a 20 minute wait to do it. My parents waited in the store while we took the girls to the American pavilion. DSis & family headed off to find a bathroom, while I stopped to get a Mickey pretzel for DD4. We found Remy and then sat at a picnic table listening to the American Music Machine while DD4 ate her pretzel.

My DM texted me that our turn was coming up soon, so we headed back to Japan. The girls both picked lovely pearls, and DD4 was excited to learn that her pearl was the largest one selected so far that day! They also loved being able to wear their new pearl necklaces right away. We then made our way around to Italy. We found Remy in Italy, and then the rest of the group sort of took off without me while I stopped to get a glass of wine.

They breezed through Germany, and I found them at the African outpost. The girls enjoyed playing the drums for a while, and we then headed off to the China booth. They were out of the black pepper shrimp with noodles, so I shared the duck & pot stickers with DSis & DBiL. The duck was really good. After finding Remy, we headed off to Norway.

We first found Remy in Norway and then got in line to meet Anna & Elsa. This was the #1 thing on DD4’s list prior to the trip. The wait really wasn’t that bad before we were in to meet Elsa first and then Anna. DD4 was super excited to meet them and get their autographs! When we exited, we still had a while before our FEA FP+, so we decided to head to Mexico. We found our last Remy in Mexico and then did Gran Fiesta tour. DD4 seemed to enjoy this ride.

We still had a little bit of time before our FP+ for FEA. DSis & family went to claim their Remy prize while we went back to Norway to sit and relax for a bit. We joined back up and headed to FEA. We got right on the ride, and as far as I could tell, all of the animatronics were working. I thought the ride was super cute and really liked it. Of course, the girls loved it!

Upon exiting, we still had about an hour before our dinner reservation at Coral Reef. DBiL & DSis wanted to go to the Craft Beers spot, so I took DN6 with us as I decided to head back to the Seas Pavilion. I stopped at New Zealand for another glass of wine. And then we stopped at Disney Traders for DD4 to claim her Remy prize. This also gave my DM a chance to let DN6 pick out a pin lanyard as well.

We walked back up to the Seas pavilion, and my intention was to go see Turtle Talk. Once inside, I took both girls with me in for a bathroom break before the show. We were washing our hands when I got a massive nose bleed! I could not get the blood to stop, and the girls were so good as I kept telling them that I couldn’t send them out to find Mimi by themselves. After probably 15 minutes in the bathroom, my DM finally came looking for us. I sent the girls out with her, and my nose finally stopped bleeding a few minutes later. And I must say that I had several nice strangers stop and give me tips for stopping a bloody nose.

After that unexpected grossness, I decided that we didn’t have enough time to do Turtle Talk. So we took the girls up to the second level of the pavilion and let them explore. There was a lot to see up here, and the girls really liked it. We then left to meet up with DSis and DBiL for our 5:30 ADR at Coral Reef.

I was unable to find a table for 7 at Coral Reef, so we had 2 reservations at the same time. They said it would be a long wait to combine our tables so we ate separately. Naturally, DSis & family were seated fairly quickly, and we waited 20 minutes for my name to be called. Once seated, we had a great meal. Our server was good, and I really enjoyed my meal of the soup plus the salmon. DD4 also really enjoyed the aquarium. The large sea turtle came right up to the window and waved his arms & legs for quite a while. DD4 kept exclaiming…he’s waving at me!

After FEA, I got all of us FP+ for Spaceship Earth after dinner even though I thought it would be a walk-on at that point. DSis & family finished before us and did end up stopping to do SE. By the time we made it there, DD4 just wanted to leave. So we got on the Epcot monorail, got off at the TTC, and made the short walk back to the Poly.

Overall, I thought this was a really successful day! We got nearly everything done on my TP. I would have liked to spend more time in WS. If it was up to me, I would have let DD4 stop to meet some of the characters and walked through each of the pavilions in more detail rather than just breezing by. But it was a long day, the girls did great, and we all really enjoyed Epcot a lot!


Sounds like a normal occurrence for Epcot monorail to not start until 9 am (which is crazy) but did you get a monorail schedule at the Poly? I ask because DH and I are staying at Contemporary next week and I too want to be at Epcot at RD. Thanks

Yes, I got a times guide when I went to speak with a concierge on our arrival day. The Epcot monorail starts at 9 am on Mon-Wed (at least last week). The concierge seemed to indicate that we could catch a bus to Epcot but wouldn’t confirm where we could catch the bus. On our Epcot day, I spoke to a bell services guy, and he tried to insist that the Epcot monorail would be working if we walked over to the TTC, even though I knew that wasn’t correct. Luckily, an Epcot bus was waiting at the bus stop when we walked out of the Poly.

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Just for reference, I didn’t check at my hotel prior & took the monorail to TTC only to find the Epcot monorail not running. A CM at TTC was able to get us a bus to Epcot from TTC, but it took him some time/legwork to figure it out and we were late for our ADR. Not a big deal as we got a seat immediately at GG Breakfast and had a very nice breakfast, but it did mean we hit Soarin’ after the RD crowd that day.

I’d suggest asking your hotel concierge about early buses the night before as I presume we could have caught a bus direct from GF and been on time…

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Day 5 – Thursday, October 13 – Magic Kingdom (Crowd Level 7)

This was the day that I was most looking forward to prior to the trip. We were super fortunate in that this was the one day all week that MK opened at 9 am. I had an 8:15 appointment at the BBB for DD4. And I snagged an 8:25 reservation at BOG for the rest of the group. I bought a gorgeous Rapunzel inspired dress off Amazon for DD4 to wear on this day. We were up early and out the door to catch the monorail to MK. We checked in and were held in line until around 7:45 when they let all of us into the park. It was awesome to walk down a nearly empty Main Street.

We walked down and took some pictures in front of the castle. Then DD4 and I headed off to the BBB while the rest of the group went to have breakfast at BOG. I did not want to go through the hassle of trying to walk them through the pre-order process, so I lied and said it was too late to pre-order. DD4 was seated right away when we checked in at the BBB. There were probably only 2-3 other girls seated at this point.

We had a wonderful fairy godmother-in-training named Maria. I selected the basic crown package, and DD4 chose the fairytale princess hairstyle. She absolutely LOVED every moment of this! The hair, the nails, the make-up, the jewels…she was giddy throughout the entire process. And Maria totally made a fuss over her. The photographer also took lots of pictures throughout the process. When we checked out, Maria gave DD4 a whole roll of multiple stickers of every Disney princess. And then she escorted us over to Castle Couture. We were the first ones finished, so there was no one else in Castle Couture. DD4 posed for lots of adorable photos, and we were out the door around 8:30. This was absolutely my favorite moment of the entire trip! Watching DD4’s reaction to it all…priceless!

We walked down to BOG, and the rest of the group was still eating breakfast. So we headed back to the Carousel, and I took some pictures of DD4 trying to pull the sword from the stone. We walked back down to BOG, and they came out a few minutes later around 8:40-8:45. DSis & DBiL immediately say to me that they thought it was going to be a character breakfast even though I NEVER told them that characters would be present. My parents enjoyed their breakfast, but apparently DSis & DBiL said that it was just okay and wouldn’t do it again. So that was…annoying!

We got in the line for SDMT. DD4 refused to go on it, so she waited with my DM. We probably only waited a few minutes before they let us on SDMT. We all loved the ride, especially DN6. I thought it was super cute and fun and could see myself riding it multiple times if not for, ya know, the massive line. By the time we exited, the RD crowd was there. At this point, I suggested that we split up since I could already sense that we wanted to do different things. And DSis & DBiL agreed, YAY!!!

I was finally free to follow my TP with zero complaints! Up first, we walked onto WtP. This was super cute, and DD4 really liked it. From here, we went to get in line to meet Merida. There were probably only 3-4 families in front of us in line. Merida started meeting about 5 minutes late, but once they let us in, the line moved quickly. Merida was great, and interacted with DD4 for a long time. She told DD4 all about how her horse and Rapunzel’s horse were best friends.

We then headed over to Mad Tea Party. Alice had just started meeting so we hopped in line with just one other family in front of us. Alice was great, and again, DD4 enjoyed meeting her and getting an autograph. We then walked onto Mad Tea Party and all 4 of squeezed into one tea cup for some unknown reason. My DF immediately started spinning the cup as fast as he could, and my DM actually screamed for him to stop, lol. So we then casually spun around for the rest of the time.

Next, we walked over to meet Ariel at her grotto with very little wait. DD4 is a huge Ariel fan and a huge mermaid fan, so she LOVED this M&G. DD4 loved the fact that Ariel could not stop talking about all the jewels on DD4’s dress. After exiting, we headed over to Dumbo. This was the only real line we waited in all day. They had both sides running, but the playground was still closed. The wait wasn’t terrible, but it still would have been nice if the playground was open. It was a quick little ride, but DD4 seemed to enjoy it.

From here, we headed to a bathroom break and then I tried to convince DD4 to do the Barnstormer. No such luck, so we headed to Pete’s Silly Sideshow where DSis & family met up with us. We got in line for Goofy & Donald first. There was a bit of a line, but it seemed to move steadily. The girls loved seeing Goofy & Donald again. We exited and went around to get back in line to meet Minnie & Daisy. But DD4 started whining about not wanting to wait in line again so we skipped it.

We then headed off to Under the Sea. This ride was still a walk-on at this point. I thought it was really cute, and the girls liked it a lot. We then headed up to the Carousel. My DM and I rode this with the girls, and they both still really enjoy a carousel. I wanted to try to meet the Fairy Godmother and/or the Tremaine Sisters before or after lunch. But they always seemed to have a long line, so I didn’t attempt it with DD4.

Next, we headed off to use our FP+ to meet Rapunzel & Tiana. This was a fabulous M&G as both princesses spent a good amount of time chatting with the girls. Once again, the girls loved meeting them and getting autographs. And I made sure to get a picture of DD4 alone with Rapunzel since they had matching dresses.

At this point, we split up again since DSis & family’s ADR at CRT was about an hour after our ADR. We still had a bit of time before our lunch reservation, so we walked over to see Mickey’s Philharmagic. This was super cute, and we all liked it a lot. We then checked in at CRT and were sent in right away. We stopped to meet Cinderella first. I have to say that she was probably the weakest M&G of the whole trip. I don’t even recall her speaking to DD4.

We then headed up and were seated for lunch. I really enjoyed my meal of the shrimp and beef plus the lemon sorbet for dessert. DD4 barely touched her food because she was bouncing with excitement over the princesses! We had Ariel, Snow White, Jasmine and Rapunzel at lunch. I thought Aurora would be there, so I had to tell DD4 that Aurora was sick. They definitely move the process along at CRT, but DD4 still loved meeting all the princesses. Some of them (Snow White & Rapunzel) interacted with DD4 longer than others (Ariel & Jasmine). DD4 also loved getting the wishing star and the wand!

After lunch, we headed over to the HM. I originally had FP+ for SDMT after lunch, but when DD4 didn’t want to ride it in the morning, I switched our FP+ to HM. DSis & family had been seated early at CRT, and they were finishing up lunch already so we waited just a bit for them to join us. When they found us, they said that they were going to leave the park and head back to the Poly. And with that, we headed off to use our FP+ for HM.

Of course, I didn’t tell DD4 that the ride was called HM because I wasn’t sure what her reaction would be. She kept asking me about the ride, and I just told her that we were going to ride in a buggy through a mansion. When we reached the CM, I asked if we could skip the stretching room. She pointed us in the direction where we would meet another CM who would get us when it was time to board our buggy. Once we were in line to board our buggy, I explained that there would be silly, pretend ghosts in the mansion. DD4 ended up not being scared at all. She loved it and intently watched all of the scenes.

After exiting, I convinced DD4 to stop at the Rapunzel bathrooms and change out of her dress. We then headed off to use our FP+ at PPF. This was another super cute ride that we all enjoyed. After I tapped my band here, I immediately got on my phone and added FP+ for IASW. So when we exited, we walked right over to use our FP+ at IASW. You really forget how long this ride is when it’s been 30+ years since you’ve done it. Still, DD4 seemed to enjoy it.

At this point, the only things left on my TP were ETWB and Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire. However, we were quite a bit ahead of my TP, and there was at least a 30 minute wait at ETWB. DD4 was not up for that line at this point. She had been asking to go back and pick out a souvenir at the WtP gift shop all day. So we headed back there, and my DM bought her a plush Eeyore. I must say that he is a really cute and cuddly little guy!

I asked DD4 if there were any more rides that she wanted to do before we left MK. She insisted no and that she just wanted to go back to the Poly and swim. I was a bit bummed that we missed ETWB, and I also would have gone back over to Tomorrowland to do some of the attractions that we skipped on Tuesday. But I listened to DD4, and we exited MK just before the start of the FoF parade.

We took the monorail back to the Poly. The girls swam at the pool for a long time while the adults enjoyed a few adult beverages. We went back to our rooms to change for dinner and then came back down to watch the torch lighting ceremony at 6:00. From there, we went down to the beach and let the girls play in the sand until it was dark. They absolutely LOVED playing in the sand! We then had dinner at Captain Cook’s. And then we were back to our rooms for a normal bedtime.

I thought this was a GREAT day! I must admit that it was so much more enjoyable touring without DSis & family. This only confirmed even further that I’d love for our next trip to be just me and DD4 (and possibly my DM). Still, I was looking forward to our last park day at AK!



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What a great picture! We also had Maria at BBB…she was wonderful!!! Glad you didn’t let your BIL and Sis get you down!!

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Great trip report!

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You had the right idea. When our kids were smaller, we had to sacrifice some experiences we would have liked to have had. But you know what? Kids grow up, and hopefully there will be more trips in the future and you get to do those other things then. We always say that having things left that we haven’t done means we have to go back :wink: