Trip Planning Re-adjustment

Ice and cold will make you treasure the sunshine all the more!

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Where are you exactly, @bebe80? I see the 22 there! (I’m in Easton, PA and I’m SO jealous you’re heading out of town soon…)

Near Harrisburg/Hershey. Where Interstate 78 ends.

Lovely! I head out to Hershey a few times a year with the kids or for a much needed mom day away at the Chocolate Spa. Stay safe and warm. 5 days and counting!!

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Ah common’ I miss that stuff :heart: Minnesota raised, Florida transplant :rofl: Seriously, winter was my favorite season in MN; good excuse to stay inside and read a book. I would say, “The only good thing about summer in MN is that it was short.” I hated mowing grass and NOW grass needs mowing once a week… insert lawn service and AC. :rofl: Enjoy your trip and respite from the cold and beautiful snow :wink: