Trip plan for WDW parks and Universal

Hi. I’ve just joined so can someone help a newbie. We are coming for two weeks from the UK and want to visit all the WDW parks plus Universal. I love the trip planning tool on my dashboard but I don’t seem to be able to choose WDW or Universal on a specific day in one trip. I have set up two separate trips but this seems a little daft. Can anyone tell me if I can set up a trip to select from all the parks from the two different resorts.
Many thanks.

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Hi and welcome from another UK liner. Unfortunately you need to set them up as 2 seperate plans on the dash board at present. I think they are working on merging them in the future. When are you going and where are you staying Mx

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We are going in april and staying at old key west. It’s our first time staying on resort and our second visit to Orlando. Can’t wait. Thanks for reassuring me that I wasn’t missing something on the dashboard. Xx

Ditto’ing this… I’m trying to plan our St. Patrick’s Day weekend and we’re hitting Epcot on Saturday, Raglan Road for dinner, and then UO and IoA Sunday and Monday. It would be great to have them all in one trip plan on the site. Thanks Len and the whole Unofficial Guide / Touring Plans crew for all you provide!