Trip on Dialysis

I’m usually a lurker here, but I haven’t been able to find too much information on this topic, so asking away I go!

I am traveling to WDW from April 18th-25th for my mom’s 50th birthday, along with my dad. We are NOT first-time Disney goers by a long shot; I was fortunate to be able to go plenty of times throughout my childhood. This is, however, my parent’s first time staying on property at AKL (I stayed on property back in 2019 with my partner). My parents haven’t been to the parks since April 2018.

The biggest change, however, is that my dad is a dialysis patient and has been since about 2019. He specifically does at home Automated Peritoneal Dialysis (APD). So we don’t have to go off-property to any centers, he has a machine to keep in the hotel room to use while he sleeps.

Is there anyone who has traveled or has a family member who’s traveled to Disney doing APD? My dad traveled back in October with my mom to visit her family in CA, which was the first time he’s flown since he started treatment. There was no problem with traveling with all his equipment and he did have his treatment supplies mailed in advance to where they were staying. So that process isn’t entirely new to them, thankfully. But any other advice would be greatly appreciated.

Both my parents love Disney and I really want this trip to go as smoothly as possible for everyone. I am really trying to enjoy and value all the time we have together at the moment.


Will his dialysis affect his ability to wait in lines? I don’t know much about dialysis, so I’m asking to clarify.

If it will affect his ability to wait, I would recommend that you set up DAS for him in order to have a smoother experience.


I know nothing about dialysis, but I think that if you will be getting housekeeping at the hotel you might want to be sure that his important machines and supplies aren’t disturbed. For example, if something needs to stay plugged in perhaps have a note there saying not to unplug it.

No APD info. Tho our experience may provide some direction.

Is your dad Medicare eligible? Does he get supplies &/or equipment from a medical supply place thru Medicare ?

DH has a machine to provide oxygen while he sleeps. We essentially lease it with Medicare/Tricare picking up the tab. When we travel I call our medical supply place at least 2 weeks prior to arrival to give them info as to address, dates, etc. They then contact a local place at our destination who delivers and retrieves the machine.

In June at Saratoga Springs there were two of these waiting for people. One was for us.

Hope you all have a great time. :blush:

I know absolutely nothing about dialysis.

But keep this number tucked in your pocket if it’s not their already - they used to be pretty helpful. They have helped us in the past with things like medical supplies, shower chairs and balance bars. Again no idea what your families challenges are, but they may be helpful.

Disney World Services for Guests with Disabilities
email: [(407) 560-2547](tel:(407) 560-2547)

That is definitely something I’ll ask him to consider! We did book an ECV, because he can’t walk or stand for long periods of time. Even then, I don’t know if waiting will still be a problem for him. How soon can you set DAS up in advance?

Good idea! He does have a lot of expensive equipment he travels with, so honestly, we might even just turn down housekeeping to eliminate the risks.

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He is on Medicare, as of last year, due to him being on dialysis. I am unsure about the equipment, but he did get all of it through his commercial insurance years before Medicare.

I will ask though! I know he does have to mail a bunch of supplies to the resort. A lot of boxes for each night of dialysis. It is quite a process lol

Thank you!

This will definitely come in handy, thank you! I’ll admit that I don’t know what 100% of his challenges are at this point lol. I haven’t lived with them since 2021, and unfortunately, my dad has only gotten more health challenges as time has gone on. He isn’t one to announce them either. The fact that he is willing to use an ECV is honestly a relief. I think there is a level of acceptance he is finally reaching that he is, in fact, chronically disabled. Thankfully, Disney has always been the type of place that seems to be very accommodating to that.

I will make sure he has that contact info though so he knows he has a place to reach out to for any questions, requests, or concerns.

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30 days out. If he waits until 30 days out from the last park day, he can preselect his two rides per day afterwards.

To get DAS, there needs to be a reason he can’t wait in lines that has nothing to do with mobility.

Like others I have no experience of dialysis but here are a few things I thought of that might be useful.

You can ask for a deep clean of their room before you arrive.
I would call and have his condition added to the reservation, and then stop at the front desk and go through anything relevant with them. As previously mentioned ask that housekeeping be informed of any specific instructions re: cleaning etc.
Definitely call the disability number and talk things through. Ideally have your Dad do this so he can provide any relevant information.

And have a wonderful trip!


It may be that his supplier will deliver supplies to the resort - saving your dad the postage.