Trip June 5- June 11 Mom and DS19

Mom and Ds20 Trip Report Sunday, June 5 – Saturday, Jun 11, 2022

Travel Day— Drove—- about 8 hours with stops. Sunday, June 5

Room was ready prior to 3. Did not get the room that we tp requested. We are in building 2 50s. Ended up with a tree and parking lot view vs. the standard view that included skyline view and a bit closer to skyliner. So we do have a bit of a trek to skyliner.

Rode skyliner to Epcot station just for fun (my ds19 hasn’t been on skyliner– nor been to wdw in 5 years)

Ordered Pop dinner. My pimento burger was good, ds20 chicken fingers were “ok”-- they didn’t look too good to me; but he ate most of his meal.

First Park Day Monday June 6

  1. Up and getting Bg1 in place as well as VQ bg1 and MDE
  2. In line at SL at 6:58
  3. Booked BG2 at 7
  4. G+ for Soarin at 10
  5. Arrived at IG at 7:28 and held
  6. Seemed like Everyone was being flagged for bag check– frustrating for sure– especially if you have your water bottle, umbrella and battery pack out in front of you (good news is that the above holding outs worked great at MK, AK and HWS)
  7. By 7:41, letting us walk toward Remy
  8. We waited 24 minutes for Remy
  9. Did 2x SR TT
  10. Did BG2 at GotG
  11. Used LL Soarin
  12. Booked G+ for LwtL
  13. Used LL LwtL
  14. Booked SE
  15. Used LL SE
  16. Booked JC for 7:35
  17. 2 hours later, booked Splash for 6
  18. Via Napoli at noon
  19. Went back to pop for shower and rest
  20. Decided to $ for a 7D for evening
  21. Booked BTMRR
  22. Booked Pirates
  23. Used LL Splash
  24. Used LL BTMRR
  25. Used LL Pirates
  26. Pirates triggered next g+, booked IaSW
  27. Ate at Pinocchio, flatbread was a hit for us both
  28. Used LL IaSW, triggered g+, booked Space Mt
  29. Went standby for BTMRR– around 38 minutes! grrr!
  30. Then a walk thru BTMMR around fireworks time
  31. Space LL
  32. Used $ 7D
  33. Ds20 wanted to do Splash again, so at 10 minutes b4 park close we get in line for Splash
  34. Bus filled right before we could board
  35. But next bus arrives within 2 minutes
  36. Head back to Pop

Day 2 Begin at HWS ( will do EP and AK as well)

  1. In SL line by 6:52
  2. $RotR for 9am
  3. G+ for RnR for 9:45 (I will actually change this time in a bit— after realizing that I don’t want to do RnR, and then star wars and then back to RnR
  4. By 7:25, in line for taps at HWS
  5. ToT is down. So that means all Sunset Blvd will be in RnR line
  6. At 7:46 in line on Blvd for RnR
  7. Around 7:50 cancel RnR g+ and book it for 9:10— much better for our plans!
  8. We are about 20th in line, cm walk us orderly to RnR
  9. 7:56 about to board RnR
  10. We ride again quickly RnR less than 5 minute wait
  11. Line has built some, we decide to go to MMRR to standby b4 8:30 folks are let into park
  12. Ride MMRR with 25 minute wait— but otherwise we would have sat on blvd waiting to use RnR G+
  13. Use LL RnR
  14. Book ST (since we like it and will be over by RotR and no slinky, nor ToT)
  15. Ride RotR
  16. LL for ST
  17. ToT is available, book it
  18. Did SR for MF
  19. Frozen sing a long
  20. LL ToT
  21. Decide to book Indi LL for 1:15 show — turns out to be a great choice
  22. Arrive at Indi b4 12:40, they let you in, and you get great seats, we sit in wonderful blasting fans, yes, we have to wait over 30 minutes for the show, but it is a very nice rest
  23. By 12:57 (before indi show) have booked TT for 2:55 and $GotG for 3:30
  24. Ate at Sci Fi— burgers were good, onion rings and sauces were really good
  25. Skyline to EP
  26. LL TT (and actually— SL would have been much quicker and allowed us 2 rides in the same amount of time)
  27. Used $GotG (this was our 2nd ride and I really liked it– was able to absorb more, see more, enjoy more)
  28. 3:00 book Navi River for 6:35 (ds19 has never done it, and he really likes Avatar)
  29. 5:00 book EE
  30. Heading to AK at 6:40 after a brief resort rest
  31. Use LL EE (could have easily booked other rides, and did get Remy– but we decided AK was going to be end of our day)
  32. Ride EE 2 more times SR
  33. Use LL Navi
  34. Get a drink and snack
  35. At 7:52, get in line for FoP, it is a 60 minute wait— but considering we are going to bed much earlier than night before, we are ok with this
  36. Bus from AK— it’s an hour past park close, so AoA bus takes us, drops AoA first and then drops at Pop (only do this when night is over and just a few people going to AoA/Pop)

Day 3 EP and later HW

****Going to be an easier/laid back day. Planning on not going to parks til BG1 time/and $GotG

  1. Get BG3 at 7am
  2. Book Slinky for 5:45
  3. Buy $ GotG for 11:35
  4. Still in Room, lazy.
  5. Planning to just do our BG GotG/$GotG and some SR at TT
  6. Then hitting Walmart or Target and an outside the bubble lunch somewhere
  7. I’ll keep booking LL for HW, next one I hope for is ToT

  1. At 10:30, booked ToT for 7:20, next book will try for RnR

updating as of 3:35pm Wednesday, June 8
9. Left Pop at 11:10 for drive to Epcot

(this Epcot is just to tap in, do GotG, TT SR— and parking at front was much better than walking from skyliner, especially since we are going shopping after our quick Epcot venture)

  1. Parked by 11:28
  2. In LL GotG line at 11:40
  3. Rode GotG
  4. Had picture taken outside GotG
  5. Dang it-- Test Track is down, so no SR for us right now
  6. At 12:30, Booked G+ RnR for 6:10
  7. Ate at Chick fil a (nice perk to my wallet!
  8. Shopped at Target
  9. at 2:30, booked G+ MMRR for 7:55
  10. Resting currently, next booking will be at 4:30

------ I do see many rides down because of rain/lightning— but I am not going to release my MMRR in the hope of scoring some freebies for MK–for 1 thing— now EveryBody will have “free” LL and it is miserable when that happens— all lines are long and tedious
“when Everyone’s Super, No one will be” … Syndrome

If I were already at MK, or had I begun my stack there, I might have tried to score some anytime passes— but I think with my 4 HWS stack, we will be better off in HWS vs. MK — and MK is EE hours tonight— this trip we are not deluxe

… HWS Wednesday night update

  1. At 4:30, booked TSMM for 8:10

Leave Pop at 5:35 with a nice stack of LL for the evening

  1. Did Slinky LL 5:58
  2. RnR is down, our LL is now an anytime experience, hoping it will come back online
  3. mobile order and eat at Woody’s at 6:20
  4. With the anytime experience, I can book another LL
    — I debate and change my LL several times, I do get Remy, then decide that we will not be switching parks, so at 7:13, I book TSMM for 8:10
  5. RnR back up, we go to use our anytime pass
  6. After riding, and lots of refreshing, RnR comes back up as a choice (and since I used anytime pass, I am able to rebook RnR!) so at 7:38, I book RnR for 8:30
  7. Use LL ToT
  8. Use LL MMRR
  9. Use LL TSMM
  10. Book it back to RnR to use last LL of night

[My son, who is actually 20— He changed in May-- ! — so he is 20— if above things say he’s 19— forgive me for not thinking…lol]

DS20 actually has had enough of Disney!
So, we decide that Thursday will be our last park day. I go to Pop desk and they are able to cancel and refund my Friday night.

So now I know that Thursday is our final day and to plan accordingly…

Thursday, June 9
3 Parks Today (EP, AK, MK)

Plan is to drive to Boma Breakfast, Epcot quick GotG, Disney Springs, AK,
return to resort and bus to MK

  1. We are able to sleep in. This is so weird.
    These LL and lack of park hopping til 2:00 has changed my style of touring.

  2. At 7am, Grab BG3, buy FoP 2:35 and book Safari for 2:00

  3. Drive to AKL/ Our Boma reservation is at 8:55---- and it is so delicious, I haven’t eaten here is quite a while and I LOVE their breakfast

  4. At 9, book Soarin for 10:35— (should have waited and picked a bit later time–later it turns out that we cannot make Soarin because when we are in the TT SR line-- TT goes down for a bit, we wait it out, and TT back up)

  5. After Boma, drive to EP, to just do our BG of GotG and SR TT.
    Also weird to only do the 2 rides and leave. While in TT line, I cancel Soarin and book Kali for 4:10

  6. Grab lunch outside the bubble

  7. Go to World of Disney in Disney Springs

  8. Drive to AK and arrive at 2
    (somewhere in here I book Dinosaur, but then cancel it, book EE for 3:35)

  9. Use LL for Safari

  10. Use $LL for FoP

  11. Use LL for EE, and am able to begin booking for MK, book Space for 9:25

  12. Ride EE SR


This is the kind of TR I always say I’m going to do. Then mine becomes a meandering manifesto!

Looks like you are crushing it!!


You are too kind. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the 4! hour rest at the resort!!! Otherwise we would have maybe gotten in a ride or 2, but would have been so miserable and hot. Such a good thing for us to do. It’s only taken me about 30 trips to figure that out!!! lol! And today, just sitting back and waiting on the G+, if you asked me to do that 5 years ago— I would have laughed in your face. I guess a bit wiser (or just older) now…lol!


You’re me some great ideas for stacking LL for our August trip!


Wow. So much accomplished! Our family likes to go hard like this. Way to go!


Love your trip and trip report! Thank You!


You’ve been quite busy! Great use of LL. Sounds like a blast!

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