Trip is 22 days! Questions about our plans!

Taking my family for a trip to Universal and Disney Nov 17-23. Not too worried about Universal as we are staying at HRH and will have express passes.
BUT- Disney, I’ve done a lot of reading, planning, and …well…you know how it goes! Here are the plans- and I am putting questions/thoughts in ().

Day 1: AK
park hours 9am-8pm
9:10 FP for EE
10:35 FP for NRJ (couldn’t get a FP for FOP :frowning: )
4:25 dinner reservations at Tusker
5:20 KS (we picked the later safari because I read do either morning or night…morning FPs were already full)
(when should we try for FOP standby???)

Day 2: HS
park hours 9am-9pm
9:05 Rock-n-Roller Coaster FP
10:50 Star Tours
11:45- droid building !!!
12:45- Indiana Stunt show (we might just burn this FP??? based on what we are doing in GE)
5:40 Oga’s Cantina
7:25 lightsaber (only spot open at the time- but now I like it so we won’t have to carry them all day)
(Don’t know when to try for SDD)

Day 3- MK
park hours 9am-6pm (8am EMH)
8:10 BOG breakfast (…made this reservation BEFORE EMH was released…now, no other times available)
9:50 Buzz Lightyear
11 Peter Pan’s Flight
1:25 BTM

Day 4- Resort day to look at Christmas decorations
9:40 Ohana’s breakfast

Thoughts? I keep checking back to see if I can switch things around- but no luck.

Hope you have a great trip!
The reported times for SDFP drops for FOP are 11:01, 1:01, 3:01, and 5:01. Keep trying to modify your KS FP (people are constantly changing their plans so something might pop up). There is a TP video about what to do for FOP at RD. We loved Tusker House!
Set the reservation finder for BOG (you can try splitting your group into 2 reservations for times that are close). Read some of the “modifying/SDFP for MK threads” once you tap into your first FP you can try modifying your 2nd for an earlier time and just keep doing that.
A day for enjoying the decorations sounds wonderful!!

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You won’t be able to modify you KS FP for FOP. You will have to modify it to another tier 2 earlier so it can be used, if you want to try to use a SD FOP drop, or get rid of your other tier 1 and hope to catch it. Then you can keep the KS when it is. All I know about when to ride SB is what I have read on here- go early and RD, or get in line shortly before park close and do your waiting when you can’t do anything else anyway. Same for SDD. Get there early and RD it then go use your FP for RnRC. I will be there the week before you and all the new lands are brand new to me, so I am relying on the things I have learned here. And yes, set up a res finder for BOG and keep checking.


Rope drop both SDD and FOP arriving one hour or more before rope drop to be at the front of the pack and have minimal wait.

Alternatively, plan to get in standby at Park close (like 5 mins before)

I have been studying hard. We will see how I do at test time in 17 days when we attempt SWGE and TSL for the first time. You all have been so helpful.

Have you set up a reservation finder search for BOG? No way would I sacrifice an 8am EMH at MK for a breakfast reservation.


Yeah :slight_smile: I have. Still have it set. Two times I got the notice of an opening, but by the time (literally a min) it took me to try for it- it was gone. So, as there are no reservations left for BOG- and my DD wants to eat in the castle…we are just doing the best we can. Is it ideal to give up EMH for a BOG breakfast- well, it will be what it will be as we do want the BOG experience.

I’ve been too late to get the reservations several times when reservation finder sent me texts. I scored a BOG PPO for 8:10 just randomly trying on my own.

Does DD understand that BOG is not in “The Castle”? … which is how many refer to Cinderella’s castle. BOG is in the Beasts “castle” (which really isn’t a physical castle type building).

This. Obviously you have to do what is best for your family … just know that you are giving up the experience of riding a bunch of rides with much lower expected wait times than during normal hours.

I bet you’ll get it closer to the trip. Reservation finder hasn’t failed me yet!

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yeah- she knows that there is the Cinderella castle and the Beauty and the Beast castle :slight_smile:

I’d consider looking for a BOG lunch reservation instead. Eat when the ride lines are long.

I’ve got the res finder …but still no luck. If lunch comes open- yeah, we will snag that!

I know. And I am hoping that a later BOG reservation comes open…but, as of now- nothing. This is our only trip to Disney…so, I know we will be sacrificing rides (unless a later reservation opens up) but - my DD really wants to eat in the BOG castle.

I’ve been using Reservation Finder for 3+ years, and it has never failed me on any of our trips. It maybe that something even opens up the day or two before you go, while you are in the parks. I had a party of 10 for Akershus on our first trip 3 years ago, and started with like a 6pm reservation. I was able to move it up all the way to 8:10 before the park even opened. Just give it time.

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I GOT IT!!! I kept checking back and tonight it finally happened- lunch reservations!!


Great news!

How many people in your party? And how old are your kids? I’ve never tried to RD super-headliners because it stresses me the mess out and mine still have short legs and/or are in a stroller. Just, no. I’d aim to hop in SB right before park close - you’ll probably end up with a similar wait time as you would first thing in the morning but enjoy a much less stressful experience.

For your NFJ FP on day one - I wouldn’t use it until after the 11:01 FOP drop. I’d logon to MDE around 10:58 (set an alarm) and select the NRJ FP and start trying to modify. If they drop FOP FPs at 11:01 you should be able to snag them! If you use your NRJ FPs you’ll have to clear your 2nd Tier 2 FP (KS) before the system will let you grab any of the SDFP drops for FOP. Clear as mud, right? :wink:

And I wouldn’t stress about BOG AT ALL!! Lots of availability will pop up during your trip. For example, I just searched BOG breakfast for tomorrow for a party of four and there’s lots of availability.

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There are 4 of us going :wink: DH, DD18, DD16, and me. Last night I DID get a BOG lunch reservation!!! So, that solves that problem. Thank you for your tips and advice! Can’t wait!!

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