Trip Insurance? Yay or nay?

I am renting points for the first time, and also thinking about trip insurance for the first time. Is it possible to get trip insurance on rented points? If so, is it worth it? And if so, what company do you use?

I rented points and am using Allianz for insurance. I would absolutely recommend it. Point rental (at least the company I used) is not refundable for any reason.

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Thanks! Have you ever had to file a claim? Were they easy? @kerrilux

Check with your credit card and insurance from your employer. I actually have travel insurance through both my credit card and some other insurances.

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I looked into doing so but decided against it. We do not need health coverage. The cost of our rooms is about $2000. Our flights and tickets can be rescheduled at no cost so that cannot be generally covered. It was about $220 for trip cancellation on the $2000. I also worry they would try and find some clause to deny us coverage if we needed it.

Edit: We are Canadian as well so our trips are considered international which costs more. A bit silly considering it just takes us 45 minutes to drive to the Detroit airport for our flight.

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I bought trip insurance for the first time for our trip (we’re not using points, though). I used the website Insuremytrip, which lets you compare various policies from different companies. I ended up paying $85 and any airline snafus are covered, as well as cancellation, health issues, etc.

There has been such an increase in extreme weather in the past few years, and we’ll be there in Oct, which is the tail-end of hurricane season, I just didn’t feel comfortable NOT getting any.


No claims at this point so I can’t speak to ease. I will say that in the past 3 years I’ve known 2 people that have had to make use of special medical flights. For the one without insurance it cost them $40,000.

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I got trip insurance last time and our flight ended up getting cancelled so we decided to drive home. The airline reimbursed for the flight and the travel insurance reimbursed for the rental car. I’ll definitely buy insurance again! I also went through InsureMyTrip

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We generally purchase it when cruising, but not for land based trips. In 2011 we did 5 nights on DCL followed by 5 nights at WDW. We took the AutoTrain to FL, so we had our own vehicle.

A huge storm hit the entire east coast the last day of our trip. It made landfall in northern Florida and traveled up the coast. We received a call from Amtrak that our train was cancelled two days before departure and ended up driving home along an inland route (since the entire 95 corridor was being evacuated).

WDW refunded the funds from an activity we had to cancel since we left early and Amtrak refunded us the entire trip home. We called insurance from WDW before we left and they told us they would have paid for a rental car, but would not pay us for the fuel we needed to get home w/ our own vehicle. They also wouldn’t pay for food, but would reimburse us for lodging.

So after all that, the reimbursement for lodging was less money than what we paid for insurance.

The trip home did convince us that we never wanted to drive to WDW!! :slight_smile:

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Has anyone used insuremytrip or any trip insurance that includes personal items like personal wheelchairs and medical equipment and accessories? I am looking for an annual plan to cover damage and loss and replacement. When I do a google search I see all are from Europe and note in the USA.

@the_darlings spoke of how glad she was to have trip insurance.

They were from the uk and husband had to gi to er. Even though their insurance covered a lot the trip insurance picked up the deductible and would have paid for uber etc.

I just saw this post regarding trip insurance. We usually purchase it, and did purchase it for our trip in March. It was about $150 for the three of us. We live in Oklahoma and fly to Florida for our trips to WDW. I wasn’t worried about needing the cost of our tickets since we are annual pass holders, but I do always worry about health insurance. We do have good medical insurance through Blue Cross and Blue Shield. As most know, my husband was suddenly struck ill on the first full day of our trip. We were in the Magic Kingdom and I got him to the First Aid near Crystal Palace. They could tell he needed an emergency room since he was presenting like kidney stones, and the urgent care facilities around there don’t treat that. The Reedy Creek fire department picked up my husband and took him to the hospital of their choice. In this instance it was Florida Hospital Winter Garden. Disney provided the ambulance free of charge, and also provided a cab voucher for my daughter and myself to get to the hospital from MK. We had to take the monorail from MK to TTC, and then at TTC we were able to give the voucher to a cab driver and they got us to the ER. The hospital did take our medical insurance, and our ER copay is $150. They did other tests, and a CT scan, so we had bills totaling about $600 that our insurance didn’t cover. Those are the expenses I submitted to our travel insurance company. It was all done online, I just had to write in detail what exactly happened and provide copies of all bills. I was able to scan the bills into PDF files and upload them to the claim. It was simple and the check for reimbursement arrived in three weeks. We used Allianz Global Assistance, and have used them in the past, but never submitted a claim before this trip. I have already purchased trip insurance from same company for our Labor Day trip.

I hope this helps!