Trip Insurance - Is it right for me?

So I am trying to get information from my travel agent and I’m just fed up. I will never use her again but she is a family friend with a small business. But I have texted her and emailed her several times about the trip insurance and if I should get it. She usually just says it is on her list to get back to me about. Today, she emailed me back and said, “I will have an answer and price for you by the end of the day,” but I never got an email back!
What I need to know if if the trip insurance is worth it for us. It’s my wife and I plus my 4 year old son. None of us have any pre existing illnesses and are generally healthy. We are driving down and it’s only about a 6 hour trip from Georgia. We just are concerned about the what ifs.
Also, if my travel agent has set up my reservation can I add the trip insurance and do I have to get the Disney insurance or can I go through other companies.

Thanks in advance! Mark

I’ll take the easy one…you can definitely go through other companies. The only trips I take insurance for now are the cruises. We usually go in the winter from the Northeast and fly so it’s pretty costly and weather delays are a serious concern. Where you’re not flying and driving from so close, I probably wouldn’t take it. But if it eases your mind, definitely consider it. Sometimes it’s worth it just for peace of mind and to stop concerning yourself with the ‘what ifs’.

I think the fact there are “what ifs” makes getting trip insurance a pretty inexpensive safety net. You just never know what the future may hold, and any Disney trip is an expensive proposition.

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One thing to bear in mind is that some trip insurance policies are only valid if bought within so many days of you booking the trip, so read the fine print carefully.

That being said, one way to look at things is to look at the cancellation policies of all the reservations you have made for your trip and figure out how much you would lose if something were to happen that would make you either cancel or cut short your trip. The look at these various costs and the likelihood of them happening, decide if it is a risk worth taking, and then buy a travel insurance policy that would cover the risks that you do not want to take.

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So I called the Disney reservation line this morning and found out that since my trip is already paid in full that I could not add the insurance that Disney offers. I sure wish my travel agent had told me that information when she made my final payment a month ago. So I called that insure my trip company and they have a plan from IMG that sounds pretty good and it’s only $81 for me and my wife and son. Sounds great but I’m wondering if anyone knows anything about IMG? The TravelGuard plan is $117.

Don’t worry about missing out on the Disney insurance - it is generally viewed as not being a good value.

Mousesavers recommends Allianz for trip insurance - I have used them several times and found it to be a good value. Check out all of Mousesavers’ trip insurance information at

You know comparing the Allianz with the IMG plan appears that the IMG plan is better coverage and is $81 where the Allianz is $116. Hmmm. I’m just frustrated about my travel agent, wish she could help me.

Can’t help you with choosing, but make sure you read the fine print, how they handle any excess (if they have an excess) what events they DONT cover etc. Online reviews might be helpful, but take them with a grain of salt.

First off understand just what trip insurance will cover and what it won’t. Also understand the documentation you must provide them for the cancelation of your trip. You can’t just decide you don’t want to go anymore and that they will refund your loss. Here’s one thing about Disney and Disney’s travel insurance. Disney’s travel insurance covers both your trip and your flight for a lot less than other agencies and that is why you must buy it at the time of purchasing a Disney vacation. If you are sick or a relative is sick or dying they will cover your trip. That said, they are going to require proper documentation from a Doctor be it you, a member of your family, or a relative such as your brother or sister. It is a pain in the butt to put it mildly. Here’s the thing, I have had to cancel twice because my wife’s brother was dying of brain cancer. The insurance company said they would cover it but they wanted my wife’s brothers wife to get the documentation from the doctors handling her husbands case. Wasn’t going to have her do this at this trying time so I just contacted Disney and Delta airlines and told them what was happening and the reason for cancelation. Disney was great both times and refunded my money for each vacation I had to cancel. They didn’t have to, but they did, understanding the trying times and the documentation problem. Delta airlines were also great in as they would apply the money paid for our flight to a future flight within a year of date of cancelation. Would I buy Disney Insurance again? You bet because unless you can eat the cost of your vacation, you never know what can come up to prevent you from going. I know it was a surprise for us. As far as your agent is concerned I have been their and done that. Time to either book your own vacation via the Disney web site or Disney Travel. I also recommend Magical Vacations Travel as they have done a wonderful job for us and they have some discounts I can’t even come close to and I have been planning my own WDW vacation package for years.

I finally was able to talk to my travel agent today and she told me that she recommends a company called Travel Insured so I went ahead and purchased that policy. It was only $100 and looks like it will cover anything that should come up. Probably, and hopefully, not needed but it’s better to have it instead of having the possibility of losing $3,000.

Thank you to all of you guys and gals for your input.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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