Trip Insurance for a Split Cruise/Parks Trip

I find the idea of trip insurance to be really overwhelming. :smiley: And I feel like insurance agents are encouraged to sell you more than what you need.

Does anyone have any suggestions for trip insurance for a four-night DCL cruise and then an added week after that of parks/resort? Usually I don’t insure Disney parks packages because I feel their refund policy is pretty generous, but in this COVID world, and having a toddler, I now think it’s for the best that I just insure the whole trip. I looked at, but the options are pretty overwhelming. Any good resources for how to figure out this part?

That’s what I always use. It’s usually only a hundred or so dollars for the eight of us. Granted, that was before covid. We always drove to vacation, so I always just insured the non-refundable parts of our trips- so the cruise, not the land.

A cruise is a good reason to insure a trip. There are many non-refundable aspects of such a trip, and many reasons it could be cancelled, which is a combo that indicates insurance would be prudent. Don’t overinsure (for refundable portions), but get what you need.

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It priced out at around $200 for three people but I’m wondering if I was overstating the value of the trip. I don’t want to insure the parts that can be refunded. I guess I need to break it down and understand the cancellation policies for each part of the trip.

Yes. If you’d get back money for prepaid excursions wouldn’t include those. Etc.