Trip insurance - does it transfer to a rescheduled trip?

Okay, there may be a chance that we need to reschedule a planned trip. I bought trip insurance through disney. If I have to move my trip from one set of dates to another, will my trip insurance transfer as well, or do I have to buy new trip insurance?

I believe you have to buy new trip insurance. Reason being your insured for a particular trip at a specific time period. I know I just canceled a trip I had created via on-line reservations. I choose to cancel because of a great deal I could get via a travel agency (MVT). I asked Disney if I could transfer the insurance over to this new reservation via the agency and was told that was not possible. I even called the insurance company and was told the same. Going through MVT it is not needed anyway for the Disney reservation because I can cancel up to 5 days before the reservation. Unfortunately Disney’s insurance also covers the airline reservation and of coarse the MVT agency does not. One can get separate insurance but it costs a fortune next to what Disney charges for their booking

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Thanks so much for your reply!