Trip Insurance 2019

So I keep hearing how cheap trip insurance is, but my quote through Disney was $166 and when checking AIG or Allianz I’m at $227-$300+. (We’re staying at the Poly for a week so maybe the total trip cost is what’s driving the insurance cost?)
I’m mostly concerned about our flight being cancelled due to a hurricane.
I’m thinking that the Disney quote using Aon as the carrier is the way to go.

Anyone have any feedback? Has anyone had a bad experience with the Disney trip insurance? Thanks!

We purchased insurance for our late August trip to WDW and UOR and I was surprised at how affordable it was. You have to really look at your cancellation policies. For us, we only needed to insure the cost of one night’s stay at each of the hotels we’ll visit because that’s all we would lose it we didn’t cancel a few days before. That dropped the insurance cost as it was then mainly the cost of park tickets and airfare.

Hard a good experience with Travel Guard though

I purchased the travel insurance thru Allianz. It’s for our trip at the end of August, 5 night at the Contemporary for 2 adults. The cost for both of us was around $260. Well worth the cost if for, God forbid, we have to cancel our trip. And it covers the airfare to as well as some medical benefits should something happen while at Disney.

and Disney’s offered insurance for the same as you mentioned is 165 for two people.

I have gotten Disney’s offered insurance several times. Would have had to use it for a death in the family but Disney, after hearing the circumstances, refunded our money and Delta gave us a voucher for a year for a new flight. The one thing bad about the insurance is they want proof of your claim and that can get extensive.