Trip collateral...what do you do with it?

So after I’ve unpacked and shared/presented my trip stories with family and friends, and now I have a whole bunch of stuff from my trip I don’t know what to do with.

For example, the magic bands. I really can’t use them, and if I go again I’d want to get new ones because of the updates I heard whispers of… but I also don’t want to just throw them away either. I also have park maps, sorcerers cards, name tags, and other little do dads that I collected.

What do you guys do with your stuff? Hoarding them seems like a bad idea, but so does chucking them.


Every Disney trip we purchase a new lanyard and pins (my husband loves to trade with CMs). I hang them on our bedroom wall using those stick on hooks. My Magic Bands are hooked to the bottom of the lanyard. Puts a smile on my face every time I look at them!


I have a Disney memories plastic bin where I keep all important things from our trips to have for memory’s sake. Maps, special event guides (like our Flower & Garden pamphlets), Epcot kidcot and passports, Wilderness Exploror guides from AK, and any buttons or other such doo dads all go in the bin. For the Sorcerer’s Cards and any other things you might use in Future trips keep with your luggage and/or any other place that might trigger you to pack it for next trip.

My son loved the Sorcerer’s game so much that his souvenir was the collector book and board game so that’s where stored ours, but things like the ears we bought for WDW or any other item that we would want to travel back with us, went into the Disney souvenir bag I keep.

Sorcerer cards you can use next time (or save as memories if you don’t plan to return).

We are making coasters out of our park maps after our trip this year. There was a how-to on the TP blog:


I was thinking about turning the magic bands into Christmas tree ornaments. I haven’t figured out how yet, but thats my plan.


I think that’s a great idea - snap together plastic Christmas balls can be found here!

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Or make a shadowbox of your trip and put all that stuff in there

we have the magic bands from our first trip in a mason jar, next to a photo from that trip. the others are stacked ROY G BIV style in my office.

How about making a chain with your magic bands to hang on the Christmas tree?

I’ve done a pin board for pins and a memory maker shadow box to cover some of those DIS mementos. Need to make up another one to cover our last trip - was planning on using the Magic Bands in there…

Because we do a snapfish or shuttferfly book of photos from our trips, I like to incorporate some of those types of things as well. Sometimes I take pics of them individually, sometimes I lay them out & take a pic of a group of them & take a pic. Then I feel ok throwing them out.
The kids would wear their magic bands like bracelets for a while. I still find them in random places while cleaning!

A shadow box or book of some sort is an intriguing idea. I don’t have enough magic bands to make a chain or anything like that.

We scrapbook like old ladies and include our paper stuff like maps, cards, etc and we have a “Disney” room where we keep all of our Disney collectibles so we’re able to display our Magic Bands along with our ear hats and other memorabilia