Trip 2 in less than a year, call me crazy


Well I think I am going to do it!! I just got the itch recently, it hit me like a ton of bricks…and now I am dying to go back. We just let our APs expire for disneyland, we usually go about every 6-8 weeks. Our first WDW trip was back in April and now I am looking into a trip for February. I know I know I better get on the ball. I had actually thought about this trip a while back but put in on the back burner for a while. We stayed at pop the first time and this time I think I want to do POFR. I am not to worried about ADRs, I know I will find a few good ones. So am I crazy planning another trip with such short notice??


I say go for it and enjoy!


What did you think of Pop?

I did a trip in August 2017 then June 2018. So similar to you. My next is July 2019.


It would be the pot calling the kettle black…


We went in April and are going back in February, so I find it perfectly normal :wink:


If you are looking for a group of enablers who will agree with you on ANY schedule for returning to WDW you have come to the right place.

If you are looking for someone to disagree with you - go away and don’t return. :slight_smile:


Nothing crazy about it. We got back from our third trip in a 12-month period a few weeks ago. Planning the next one now. :+1:


We went in April and went all out because we knew it would be our last for a while since we wanted to avoid all the star wars hype. Then 4 weeks after we got home booked a trip this Feb :slight_smile: Sure you’ll be able to get decent dining and you’ve got some time to do FPP :slight_smile:


There is nothing crazy about your plan.


We are going to the world in 7 days. Aaaaannnnddd we are also going in Feb. So nah, totally normal. We are staying at Kidani next week, and POR in Feb. Can’t wait to stay onsite…next week will be my first experience with that.


You may be crazy, but you’re in good company.

In 2015 we did WDW in March and DLR in October. Then in 2016 we did DLR in April and WDW in October. We did WDW in October 2017 and DLR in April 2018. We’re heading back to WDW in the spring of 2019, and I’m planning on booking our 2020 trip sometime next month.

It’s like an addiction.


My most times in a year was two trips to WDW and one to DLR.


We went last November with the whole family and had so much fun! 2 major health scares for me and a daughter who I can’t believe is almost 10 and back we go!!! Just planning is taking me out of my head😀


loved POP!! It was my first trip of course so I was just in awe period. Going for our second in Feb and I almost went back there, but wanted a new experience. We didn’t even have a refurb room and I still loved it.


I can’t count my trips to DL! (well I guess I could if I really tried) We live in CA and our passes just expired. This will be my second WDW trip. I’m slightly obsessed