Tricky Fastpass+ Question

I am going to be in the parks in mid-November, so the 60 days is coming up tonight. But we’re staying off-site. However, I have a last-minute reservation lined up at WL (not going to the parks) in a couple of weeks. What does that mean for my FP+ window? Think I’ll be able to do it now, instead of 30 days out? I’m not trying to cheat, I just haven’t done it except in-park before (I typically end up at the World with Florida Annual Pass friends), and I don’t want to screw anything up.

Your upcoming WL reservation will not change the FPP booking window for your November trip.

If your other stay and you have an annual pass, look to see if you can book. There is a weird glitch going on for days right before/after trips and off site. It doesn’t hurt to try.