TRex vs Rainforest Cafe

On the DP and looking for where to eat at DTD. DS15, DS12 and me. I know there are better places (I would pick RR for myself), but this is their night. So I’m looking at TRex and Rainforest Cafe. Haven’t eaten at either one before. Which would you pick and why? TIA!

If they like Dinos go to T-Rex, elephants and gorillas Rainforrest, food is pretty much the same.

I would also do T-Rex, but I think my boys would like either one. Don’t worry if you can’t find an ADR on My Disney Experience. If you call those restaurants directly they will have lots more availability. They don’t put all their seats into the Disney system. Plus, if you make a reservation with them you don’t have to worry about the Disney cancellation fee.

T-Rex. If you’re lucky, you can dine AND go for a swim.

Did you give your boys the list of restaurants and the menus for DTD? Isn’t T Rex targeting a younger group?

Isn’t most of their food exactly the same except for what it is called?

Ooo, have you thought about going to Splitsville? Bowling with more upscale food might appeal to boys their ages. I’ve only heard good things about it.

Here’s a review.

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We enjoyed trex, the food was better then I was expecting and it’s cool eating with huge Dinos everywhere :wink: it’s different and I bet your boys would enjoy it

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For boys of that age, if they decide they aren’t liking what they’re seeing at TRex or Rainforest, other options at DTD could be Planet Hollywood, doing a Fork and Screen at the movie theater if there’s a movie playing they want to see, or going to Splitsville (which actually had amazingly good food).