Travelling between Pop Century and Caribbean beach

So, I was looking at how close Pop Century and Caribbean Beach are to one another:

So obviously you can easily drive between the two, since they less than a mile from one another. But zooming in on the map, there is this road Cayman Way which looks to connect them directly. I’m wondering if this is accessible in any way by guests.

Like…at SSR, there is a “back entrance” that has a guard where you can still access without going all the way to the front gate. I’m wondering if the same exists here? When I zoom way in, I don’t see any evidence of any kind of gate whatsoever.

I’m only asking because if our second DS were to decide to stay at Pop Century rather than ASM, and we were at CBR, it would make driving between the two even easier. (I figure it would be easy enough to “check-in” using their car and one of our magic bands…and so then we could let them use our magic band to drive over, which we would probably do regardless.)

Not accessible to guests as far as I could tell when we were there in October.


Okay. And…actually, when I zoom in even more, I see what looks to be gated access I didn’t notice before…so probably for CMs only:



There are signs where Cayman Way branches off from Century Drive that answer that as “no.” From street view on Google maps.

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On the CBR side, Cayman Way is definitely accessible to guests, since it is how they would get to guest parking at some of the sections.

So I guess it just is preventing guests from traversing between the two. Totally makes sense. Just would have been handy!

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I know the CP buses travel this route so probably limited to CMs

Yes, it just “ends” at one point IIRC from driving around CBR

The Skyliner ride is about 5 minutes from Pop to CBR. Why not have him take Skyliner and pick up in the Jamaica Parking lot??

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We expect the Skyliner will be closed for refurbishment when we will be there.

Well, boo. That would have been an easy solution.

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The Skyway goes to CBR from Pop Centry. It is the first stop on the Skyway from Pop Century. The Sky then goes on to a Riveira Resort then Epcot or from CBR to HS.

Yes but


Yeah…so we HOPE the Skyliner will be running, but the dates we are planning in January 2025, the Skyliner has been closed for refurbishment for some or all those days for the past three years. So we can only assume is likely when we go. If the Skyliner is open, we will be pleasantly surprised!

I don’t think we will know with any certainty until October, which is about when the Skyliner closures have been announced in the past.

I was considering a trip around this same time and since Martin Luther King Jr Day is later this year, I was wondering if it will impact those dates. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.