Traveling with another family

We are traveling with another family in Nov. I am planning the trip and like most of us, trying to do my best. It can be difficult to explain WDW to a person who has never been there (ie…Yes, we should to leave the hotel 90 minutes before our ADR in the AM, ie.It’s good to make ADR’s for restaurants you want to eat at.) Winging it is not an option for me. My friend hears what I am saying and she is a good friend, but until you have undertaken a trip like this, it can be difficult to truly understand.

Any tips? We do plan to separate at times. We have agreed to watch each others children 1 night and to communicate.

Re: ADR’s if I make an ADR for 7 and only 3 show up, I am not charged no show fees?

The kids are doing classes while there…If a class starts at 7:15 AM and the park does not open until 9, we will need to take a taxi or will bus service be available?

As long as one person shows up for an ADR there is no cancellation fee no matter how many the original reservation was for.

I’m not sure what you mean by classes but the first buses for PRE-RD ADR’s usually run about an hour and a half before park opening so in this case it sounds like you would need to take a taxi.

Thanks Outer1.

I guess that we will need to use a taxi to get to the parks in the mornings (The classes are part of the homeschooling trip that we are going with. )

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Hi TinkerbellNGrumpy, LOVE the name by the way sounds like my husband and I… LOL. We are also going as part of the Homeschool group, our daughter will be going to the Animal Kingdom class on Mon Nov, 16th at 8:30am. The park will not open until 9 but I know the buses will be running by then. I know people can make breakfast reservation all over WDW before parks open so I bet the buses will be running early. Hope you all have fun!

My advice to anyone who is traveling with a group who are not planners is to say “This is our plan - you are more than welcome to follow along with us or join up with us when it suits you. However, we will NOT be deviating from this plan unless there is an unforeseen circumstance.” You may wish to elaborate that people who are unable to get up in time to make the bus for RD is not an unforeseen circumstance. :smile:

Where convenient, make your ADRs for 7 - as other have mentioned, you are not penalized if only 3 show up. However, if you cannot get a highly desired ADR for 7, check to see if you can make it just for 3 - no sense in losing out on something you want to do when you aren’t even sure that the others will make it.

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Thank you! I am Tinkerbell and my hubby is definitely Grumpy :slight_smile:

We are going with a Homeschooling group the first week in November. Thank you for the transportation link. It looks like I will need to wait until we get closer to the date to determine if the buses will run for the 7 AM classes. Have a great time!

Thank for the advice. Communication will be key and to set the expectation of the group ahead of time.

I will make the ADR’s for 7 and hope for the best. Thanks!!