Traveling with 3 and 5 yo (double stroller) and 75 yo grandparents - where to stay?

Hi All,

We are heading to WDW in the Jan/Feb of 2015 with a 3 and 5 yo and one set of parents in their 70s. We went once before and stayed at GF but would like something different this time. One of us likes Poly (but the volcano pool and parts of the beach will be closed) and it’s on the monorail which is nice bc you can stroll the carriage right on there; one of us likes the ease and convenience of the CR even though it supposedly doesn’t have the kid appeal theme-wise; and one of us likes the AKL for the major theme appeal (but lack of convenience). Our carriage folds up but it also (Citi Mini double) carries our bags, pocketbooks, jackets, etc…The construction at Poly is a negative, although would we really use the pool in late Jan/early Feb? Then, what about WL, at least there you have the boat to MK? Any thoughts?

Not sure if available but look at BLT you can walk to MK and folks can flow in and out when tired for naps etc. it was really easy for our littles.

BC is also wonderful! Your kids will love the pool, lots of great food choices, plus Epcot is a(less than) 5 min walk. Also HS super close by!

I think I would pick BC over WL. I’ve stayed at both and we found transportation at WL to be really lengthy and annoying. BC is walking distance to Epcot, plus you’ve got the Boardwalk area right there which is cute to stroll down. I love the Poly and it will be January, so depending on the weather, the pool being closed might not even be an issue.

I know during the pool closure they were offering guests a 1-day pass to Blizzard Beach as compensation, not sure what the plans are for when that park goes into rehab, but it was a nice thought for the guests. There is still a quiet pool there though, which isn’t nearly as exciting, but…it’s a pool :smile:

If you want an awesome pool it doesn’t get much better than Stomalong Bay @ Yacht and Beach Club. Depends which parks you favorite, with kids that small you might be more Magic Kingdom oriented, which would put the Poly on the top of my list if I were you.

I am traveling with my older parents in 2 weeks. I think because you have little ones, you will spend most of your time in the MK. I would recommend one of the monorail resorts. The stroller dosen’t have to be folded up for the monorail so it is easy peasy getttiing on and off for both MK and EPCOT.
We even took a cab one night to EPCOT to save time. It wasn’t that expensive and saved so much hassle.

Stayed at BLT last trip with my parents and 2 yr. old twins. The ease of getting back and forth from MK more than made up for the lack of theming.

I wouldn’t necessarily use the pool as your primary decision point. I’d give you a 50/50 chance on “swimming weather”. I’ve been in Jan when the temp was in the upper 70s, and I’ve been when the highs barely got out of the 50s - FL winters are completely unpredictable. Keep in mind that it’s not just the pool that is closed at the Poly; construction is going on throughout the property, including in the GCH; I personally would not want to stay there until the construction was done.

I have never especially liked the CR. Other than the monorail running through the concourse (which IS very cool), it “feels” like any Hilton or Omni that I’ve stayed in for various conferences. But if you plan on spending a lot of time at the MK (I don’t), then you can’t deny the convenience.

Personally, I love the Boardwalk area. Close to EP (my favorite park), very pretty, and it has quite a number of dining options (not counting WS). BC is closer to EP, but YC has a reputation for being a bit quieter - which might be a plus for DGPs. Also, if the weather cooperates, SAB is arguably the best pool in WDW.

Thanks, Everyone!
We’ve narrowed it down to YC and BC for the ease/convenience and theme/kid appeal. It’s close to Epcot (a fav park and restaurants). We liked AKL but from what we’ve read it seems too far to go in the morning then again in the afternoon after a break at the hotel.
Now to decide between the other two…
Thanks, again!
Keep the magic alive :smile: