Traveling lawn chair

A fellow liner is leaving me a lawn chair at the end of her trip later this week. I am hoping to pass it forward at the end of my trip. I leave CBR on July 3rd and can hand it off around that time or leave it at bell services for someone to pick up. Please let me know if you are interested.


This could be fun. Liners should keep it going until it breaks. Post the photos and make a game of it! Like Flat Stanley but it only stays at WDW.


Is it from @Sandyh ???

Yes, it is from SandyH.

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That’s an awesome idea!!

That is AWESOME :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There was a pool noodle once.

I dare any one of you to go over to chat and ask about it.

Someone over there will remember the story.


I think it’s saved here somewhere.

ETA here in fact -


I will also post this over on the chat too. I know some liners are traveling for the holiday weekend so hopefully I can find someone. The noodle story resurfaced there not too long ago. That was funny.


Wasn’t there a Kermit too?
I seem to remember him…


Yes there was, he has his own area of La Cava but I don’t think he has been active for a good while.

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What a great idea! I’ll take a pic once I get out of it for my morning nap!!!

I’m looking forward to following the folding chair’s journey! Love this idea!

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