Traveling homeschoolers is back on for USO

I’d love to send DH and DS20 & DS18 over Thanksgiving but NY still has quarantine in place on return. That would be fine for my boys, but not DH.
If you are from a state without restrictions, this may be a great option.


Do you really think a quarantine order will be in place in November?

For NY? Maybe. Our governor still won’t let us visit 30 states freely.

You don’t have to be a homeschooler to use this discount FYI.

Wow! This is a great deal! My mind is spinning with possibilities! Thanks for posting. :grin:

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How do these trips work? I looked through the site a little bit, but I’m a bit confused. Do you go with a group and stay with a group? Is there a specific itinerary that everyone follows?

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Not at all.

We did the WDW last year and the only time we interacted with the group was for our mandatory educated piece (mandatory by WDW) and for the after hours party.

In the case of this trip, she essentially just contracted to buy the tickets bulk. You can use them any time between 11/1-11/30 over a seven day spread.

Ask away and I’ll try to answer. I so wish my fam could go.


What is the criteria for a state coming off the list? I’m in Ohio and our criteria is 15% positivity rate or higher has an advisory (And must quarantine after the visit.) Florida is just squeeking under this a 12% right now. I’m hoping it goes down even more

Thank you! Man, with those ticket prices and the low airfare, I wish I could find a way to swing this!

I honestly haven’t looked into the exact criteria. Delaware keeps popping on and off.

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Other trips they do (Rhine River Cruise, Grand Canyon) they do stay as a group much more. But not for the theme park trips.

The private party they had at Animal Kingdom last year was a lot of fun. I posted my trip report around here somewhere.

Party was included in the ticket price.

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To be off New York’s list, a state has to have a positivity rate of less than 10% and have a seven day average of less than 10 cases per 100,000 per day.


Immuna stuck here forever.