Traveling from epcot to DHS

I have FP for Soarin at 5:40 on 6/18, can I then make it to DHS for a dinner reservation at 7:20, I know its cutting it close, deciding if I should cancel dinner res.

That would be no problem! You will do your FPs and most likely get out around 6:00. Then walk through World Showcase (turn right towards Canada). There is a bridge that goes to France- do not go to France- instead go to the right out the exit at Intrrnational Gateway. There are boats on the right as you exit. Those boats go to HS. You could also walk- up and over the bridge talk a right towards the BWI, follow the path along the BW on your left- water to your right. The walk will take you about 25 minutes.

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That should be no problem. Even if you walk you have it - also they will hold your reservation for a few minutes. As @PrincipalTinker stated - I would probably walk as the boats have a very (lets just say) non - direct way to HS. You can also probably enter FP at 5:30. I wouldn’t sweat it.

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Agree with the above! :slight_smile: