Travel to and check in at Cabana Bay Beach Resort

This September, after our stay at the Art of Animation and time at Disneyworld, we are checking into Cabana Bay Beach Resort. We were thinking of checking out of Disney resort around 9 a.m. and travelling up to Universal. We realize check in at Cabana Bay starts at 4 p.m. We would like to go into Universal Studios / Universal Islands of Adventure around lunch time to make the most of things on that day. We have a few questions:

  1. What is the travel like between the two resorts? How long will it take in the morning?
  2. For those people who have stayed at Cabana Beach Resort and done something similar, does the resort offer to hold onto your bags so that you can enter the parks before 4 p.m.and check into your room later that night when the parks close?
  3. Can you access the shuttle buses from Cabana Bay Resort even though you haven’t ‘technically’ checked in? If not, what is the walk like from the resort to the parks?

Lots of questions there! It is our first time in Orlando and we have no idea what we are in for!

I can answer 2 and 3.

  1. Yes, they will hold your bags for you until you come back. It’s at the desk next to the front desk. You may have your room from that early, even if check in is at 4.

  2. Yes, the bus is in a continuous loop right outside the hotel, just to the side of the entrance. It comes every few minutes, we never waited more than a few min for one. They don’t do any sort of hotel checks when you get on the bus.

We love Cabana Bay so much, I hope you guys have a great visit there!


I’ll second the early check in. My room was one available at my 11:00 check in.

I concur with @padfoot86. my experience was the same both with luggage and the shuttle. We literally never waited more than about 90 seconds for a shuttle our entire trip.

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Thanks for the replies. Sounds great in regards to shuttles - never having to wait long. Anyone ever traveled between a Disney resort and Cabana Bay Beach Resort? Just wondering how long it takes between the two in the morning.