Travel times- WDW transportation vs. your car

In the 2017 Unofficial Guide printed version, it has that it’s quicker to get to everywhere except MK from Caribbean Beach in your car. Website shows to use WDW trans for most. Which is right?

Car. Once you account for wait times for a bus going (avg 10 min wait if buses run every 20 min) and coming (10 min again), then the short trip to your car the in the parking lot and direct drive to near your building at CBR is, on average, slightly faster. Having said that, if you catch the buses exactly right: buses faster. If you catch the buses/route with bad luck, buses are MUCH slower. I think the predictability is a big reason why people like driving. Both are good ways to get around WDW.

Car is definitely faster, except for MK. That being said, it’s vacation, and I’m more than happy to leave the car parked and let someone else do the driving for me - even if it takes a bit longer…