Travel time to the airport

On Tuesday June 11th I have a 9:50 pm flight out of MCO and my rental car is due back also at MCO at 7:30pm. Anyone have advice on what time I need to be out of the park by? I plan on parking in the magic kingdom lot and using resort airline check in for my checked bags.

Not later than 6:30. I like a little extra cushion myself so I would lean to 6:15

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Is that with the boat or monorail to the parking lot?

I would be leaving property at that time. As in, bum in seat and driving out the exit (sadly, sobbing quietly)

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I’d leave 6:30 at the latest…It gives you enough time to return rental car (there can always be surprises at the drop off…don’t forget to hand back the key like I did at BHM), check bags, and get through MCO notoriously long TSA security lines. Then you can chill while waiting to board.

On May 10th, we had a 6:20 flight. We missed our 3:20 ME bus from POR. We got stuck on a 45 min (usually 20 min) boat transport from DS. When I called enroute, POR bell services said the bus would wait 10 mins; it didn’t it. It left in 4 mins according to valet. Oh well, we hired an Uber and it wasn’t bad. $26 to ride directly to the United counter. Checked one bag (the other bags had been checked in at POR earlier in the morning). Also had a heart attack when I saw the length of the TSA security line, but soon recovered when it moved really fast. Got to the gate with over 45 min to spare…enough time to buy something to eat for our 6+ hour flight home to SFO.

So are you guys saying walk out of the actual park under the railway at 6:15-6:30 or be in our car driving to the airport at that time?

I will defer to other liners because I have no experience driving out of a MK lot and to the airport.

I’d say you need to be in your car by 6:15pm. You’ll be hitting the last bit of rush hour traffic so check ahead for wrecks that might cause more issues.

I’m thinking hit the Main Street shops at 5 for the kids and walking out the train station at 5:45.

I was pretty clear above.

I asked that question at 1:07pm in response to your comment posted at 11:40 am. You clarified with the “off property” at 1:14pm. My later comment was in response to hoopsters…No need to be snippy

I wasn’t snippy

It’s going to take you approximately 30 minutes to get to the airport from the moment you get into your car at WDW - provided that everything goes smoothly on the way to MCO. You need to have at least 90 minutes for flight check-in / TSA lines plus time to check in the car.

(The rental car check in process is pretty easy. You literally drive into the parking garage and an attendant meets you and takes the keys. In my experience it takes only a few minutes. MCO rents more cars than any other airport and these companies have it down to a science. It’s not like other places where an agent comes out, inspects the car and then you go back into an office & finalize stuff. It’s just… “Where’s the keys? Here’s your receipt. Thanks!”

Agreed. It’s always hard to clarify tone online. Anyone taking time to answer questions here is doing so out of a passion we have for these parks and a sense of community.

My apologies. Did not mean to come across that way. When I reply on my phone indefinitely tend to be brief.

I totally understood it and agreed that you weren’t. I was saying that you and the core group I’ve been seeing during my short tenure on these forums are super helpful. =)

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