Travel time question

I’m looking to see how long it takes to get from HS to Beach Club. We have a dinner reservation at Cape May and I’m trying to figure out how long to account for travel. I know the skyliner is an option, but I’m not 100% sold on that option. Would an Uber/Lyft get us there the fastest?

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Honestly, it’s only a 20 minute walk even at a fairly leisurely pace. I’ve walked it several times with my DS5 to and from HS from BC/YC. I like walking because I’m in full control of how long the commute takes (no stalled skyliner, no late Uber, no waiting for a boat).

You could take the boat, but I’d only do that if the boat is at the dock and there’s no line. You could take the Skyliner, but you have to transfer once and still have to walk from IG to BC. Uber might get you there 10 minutes faster, but is it worth the $15?


Are there signs leading the way? I’m thinking about the boat if we time it right but just walk it if we don’t.

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You know, I don’t really remember. I’m sure there are, but it’s not too hard to find your way because there’s really only one walking path. Just follow the path that goes between the HS bus depot and the water in the direction of the Swan/Dolphin (which you can pretty much see from HS). BC is the big blue complex of buildings opposite the Boardwalk. It’s hard to miss.


This sounds like a good plan to me, too. We like the boat ride but the walk along the water is very pleasant. It took us about 10-15 minutes to walk to the BWI, so 20 minutes sounds about right. However, if you are tired, hot, or running behind, don’t hesitate to call Lyft. It’s not worth starting dinner off being cranky.

Thank you! I went ahead and gave myself 30 minutes. I was initially putting in an hour travel time, so I’m glad I asked.

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If you have a smart phone, just go to google maps & select walking and it should guide you along the quickest route. The boat service was pretty good though and we always felt it was worth the wait. We were there in July though so extra walking in the heat, wasn’t high on our list of things to do…

We got incredibly lost walking from Beach Club to Hollywood Studios, but walking from Hollywood Studios to Beach Club was very easy.

My first choice would be to take the boat and walking would be an alternative. It’s so close that I wouldn’t bother waiting/paying for an Uber. Skyliner would probably be the longest option.

We stay at BCV every year ,sometimes we walk back especially later ,because the boat takes so long with the line and waiting -
Sometimes going I take the boat ,just because I usually go in the afternoon and I do not feel like walking
mid day and being warm by the time I get there but I always give the boat 30 -40 minutes about ,depending on how long you have to wait for it to arrive and stop each place I would say you might be there in 20 but it could be 35 -
If your there early ,plenty to look at ,freshin up before dinner ,gift shop ,rest in the lobby a few minutes
or thinking back they almost always seat you right away ,dont remember ever waiting for a table there
Have a fun trip !