Travel time from Poly to EP

We are planning on trying to get a dinner reservation at Ohana on New Years Eve for around 6:30 or 7:00 then heading to EP afterwards to check out the festivities.

How long should I plan for it to take to either ride the monorail or take an Uber to EP that day? I know traffic can get crazy after midnight, but I was curious how much worse it would be in the 9pm time frame.

This does not account for the busyness of New Year’s Eve, but it says 36 minutes.

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10 minute walk to TTC, figure 10 minute wait, 10 minute ride. 30 minutes.

If you take monorail from Poly to TTC add a good 15-20

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Use caution with OLP. It’s not kept up to date and does not account for wait time

About what I figured… I was going to plan for 45. We will probably check for an Uber first in case one is close, but given it is NYE, I’m sure they aren’t exactly abundant around that time.

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