Travel time from Chef Mickey's to Harmony Barber Shop

We have a Chef Mickey’s ressie at 12:45 and an appt at Harmony Barber Shop at 2:30 (which we need to arrive 15min early), my question is should we just walk from CR to MK? Would that be faster? I realize it is cutting it close but it was the only appts available for the week of our trip. Any advice will be much appreciated. ** I also have res finder looking for an earlier Chef Mickey’s.

Walking will definitely be the way to go - you could take as long to just get on the monorail as the walk. And the monorail has 3 stops prior to getting to the MK stop from the Contemporary. Frankly if you caught the monorail perfectly where it was waiting on you with doors open until you hopped on, it would still likely be faster to walk…

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I would walk. You should just about make it (ETA - for appointment time, but I don’t know that you’ll make it 15 mins ahead of appointment time). I always figure 90 minutes for character meals. And then it is about a 10-15 minute walk from CR - MK. I would NOT take the monorail as it is so unpredictable and will actually take longer to go the full circuit and get back to MK which will be the last stop.

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I’d recommend getting to Chef Mickey’s maybe 30 minutes early and see if they’ll seat you a bit sooner, just to give yourselves a bit of a cushion time-wise.
I love that there are so many great and unique things to do at Disney. Being able to enjoy and savor all of it is important. Feeling rushed is a bummer.
Totally agree that walking is the way to go. You won’t believe how quickly you’re at Magic Kingdom.