Travel time for ADRs outside the parks

Hoping all you lovely liners could help me with my dining plans.

I have several ADRs in resorts that are nearby to the park we will be visiting on that day, and just wanting to make sure I allow enough time to get there. Any advice on the following would be greatly appreciated:

MK to 1900PF (saw another thread that suggested minimum of 45 mins, would this be the same if we took the boat?) Also I have 2 ADRs for 1900PF, one at 6pm and one at 11:30am (on separate days of course!), would the time of day affect how long the travel will take?

AK to Boma (5PM) *

Tepan Edo (7pm) I know this is Epcot but we’ll be heading into the park just for the ADR and Illuminations, possibly coming straight from Typhoon Lagoon or from CSR

Epcot to Trattoria al Forno (11:30am) planning to walk via International gateway

MK to Artist Point (4pm)*

*for these 2 we’re are probably going to head over a couple of hours prior to our ADR to just check out the resort and rest a little, so no big rush for these

Thank you in advance!

I was looking at my plans yesterday and I’m worried I haven’t left enough time to get from MK to 1900PF fo an 11.30 ADR! So I am interested in that too.

The only one of those I’ve done is AK to Boma and it took forever - we waited 40 mins for a bus and we were late, I had allowed an hour from getting off our last ride.

There’s always Uber or Lyft if you are really concerned about time. You can get to your ADR in half the time for about $10 with them. You can take the bus on the way back to the hotel.

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  • MK to 1900PF

That’s a tough one. So close but so far. The boat departure times are not an exact science. They seem to be designed for novelty, not dependability. The resort monorail runs clockwise, so you would have to do the full loop, which takes about 20 minutes once you catch it, if there are no breakdowns. An uber should be a pretty dependable 10-15 minutes once you meet the driver. I think you want to plan on 45 minutes after walking out the park gate for the monorail, a little less if you take uber, a little more if you want to try the boat.

  • AK to Boma (5PM)

I would watch the bus schedule closely on the MDE app and catch the bus. Should be pretty quick once the bus leaves.

  • Tepan Edo (7pm) I know this is Epcot but we’ll be heading into the park just for the ADR and Illuminations, possibly coming straight from Typhoon Lagoon or from CSR

This is hard too. If you uber from Typhoon Lagoon, you could do better than the bus travel time, (20 minutes maybe?) but then you still have to walk all the way through Beach Club or Epcot ( another 15-20 minutes). I would plan on leaving Typhoon Lagoon by 4 pm at the latest, stop by your hotel to change and treat your sun burn, and if you get some down time, enjoy it. That’s my opinion.

Ugh. This is not good news for me.

MDE only shows bus times from your home resort to the parks doesn’t it?

Looks like I made a bad assumption. I have not had a chance to use it yet. Thanks for the extra info.

I came up with the 45 minute estimate like this:

  • 5 minute walk up the platform
  • 15 minute wait for a mono
  • 20 minute ride time
  • 5 minute walk from the monorail to the restaurant

For Uber:

  • 10 minutes to find & get into car
  • 15 minutes to drive
  • 5 minute walk from the car to the restaurant
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As it happens, I’ve had another look at my plan and I have some free time before we’re due to leave, so hopefully it will work out. It gives us 50 mins.

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I think you always have to plan a 20 minute bus/boat/monorail wait, and a 20 minute ride. Before that boat/monorail/bus wait, you have to walk through a park, exit the park, and walk to the transportation. I think Disney says to always plan at least 90 minutes? I always plan close to an hour. You might be early, but you don’t want the stress of being late and it always takes longer than you think it will.

From IG at EP- if you are walking out that gate- 10 minutes should be fine.

Yes, Uber usually saves time although from MK you need to get to at least the CR to be picked up.