Travel time between AK and HS

Hello liners! I’m trying to get a realistic timeframe for bus travel between AK and HS sometime between 12:30 and 1:30 in the afternoon. For background, we are a party of seven plus a 20-month-old. Crowd level predictions for AK are 4 (AM EMH) and HS are 2 that day. Thanks for all your help!

According to OLP transportation wizard, it will take around 24 minutes. I would leave a little extra time in case buses are full or delayed.

I would say 10 minutes to walk to bus, expect to wait up to 20 minutes for bus, 24 minutes from AK to entry into HS. I would schedule an hour for the whole process and be pleasantly surprised if it was less.


Thanks guys I appreciate your help.

I agree with @PrincipalTinker. The walk to the buses from the AK gate is quite long. The general rule of thumb for all park hopping is to allow an hour; “worst case” is that you get to the second park a bit ahead of schedule :smile:

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