Travel restrictions lifting 8 November


I read this over on Lines chat a few days ago. Let the travel commence!

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There is still a crucial piece of information that needs to come out before there is a rush of new bookings.

They need to announce the rules around minors, Many EU / Schengen countries, including the U.K., are only giving teens a single dose, some are not vaccinating under 16s at all. And so far I don’t think the EU (and definitely not the UK) have approved a vaccine for the under 12s.

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However this is great news for many Canadians, and others who received mixed doses.


Just in time for my ADR day tomorrow!
I am one of the people who had two Oxford AZ vaccines but one had the batch number that came from an Indian production lab.

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Great news.

Still unclear on what they full set of requirements will be (i.e. how many hoops to jump through to be compliant).

? Are PCR tests still required on both ends of the trip?
? Are their any quarantine requirements on either end of the trip?
? Are there any special contact tracing requirements required?
? Any special forms or apps that need to be used while in the US ?

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This is probably where to watch for the details:

I can see them going any number of ways on that, especially if the US EUA for 5-11s in the place by then.

Until they say otherwise, I would assume the testing requirements (link in post above) will also stay in place due to the number of breakthrough infections. Layers of mitigation, especially with the possibility of new variants.

They also confirmed the vaccination requirements will apply to both air and land arrivals.