Travel on the DTS from DHS

The Unofficial Guide lists travel between DHS and the MK (or Epcot) as being 25 to 35 minutes. There is supposed to be a boat between DHS and Epcot and a bus between DHS and MK according to Disney’s official website. I’ve seen where you catch buses to the resorts, but where do you catch the bus for the MK? Also where is the marina for the boat? TIA

The bus to MK is whee the other buses are - ask a CM where it is if you don’t see it. I think it goes directly there now - it used to take you to the TTC and you would have to transfer to the boat or monorail.

The boat to Epcot is to the left as you come out of the gates. It stops at Swolfin, Beach/Yacht club and Boardwalk along the way.

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I think all the resort buses and the cabs at HS are on your right as you exit. The buses for MK are on your left, right at the beginning of the path/walkway to the Baordwalk area, Epcot.