Travel Insurance?

We are scheduled for end of May. American Airline tickets are non-refundable. Park tickets through Undercover Tourist, and resort booked directly through Disney.

Can anyone recommend good travel insurance? I figured I’d ask here before I spend time googling.


At this point things may not be covered with just-bought insurance. I know travel insurance won’t cover hurricanes if bought after a storm is named - I’d doubt it will cover things related to a now-declared pandemic, if it even would at all.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but at this point it’s kind of like breaking your arm and then trying to buy insurance to cover it.

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Did you book your plane tickets since March 1? They are allowing changes if booked prior to that.

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Thanks for that link. I will keep watching it to see if it updates.

I read in the newspaper that travel insurance won’t cover you for coronavirus. The only exception is if you bought it before the outbreak started and your policy states that it is included. So if you buy now, there’s no coverage for coronavirus.


I believe Delta is March the 9th for the deadline on booking. Personally I just canceled two flights via Delta airlines from ND to FL and was given 1 year from the date of purchase to rebook. Love Delta. Disney all so has been very good this way and room only can be canceled up to 5 days before arrival. Packages I believe are 30 days. I have found in the past that the insurance Disney offers at vacation purchase not only includes the Disney portion but also includes your flight expenses. I believe for I and my wife it cost about $150. Some say they can find it cheaper but I never could.

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'I read in the newspaper that travel insurance won’t cover you for coronavirus. The only exception is if you bought it before the outbreak started and your policy states that it is included. So if you buy now, there’s no coverage for coronavirus."

How does that even make sense? They are saying that the policy has to name a problem that didn’t exist yet.

I think some policies specifically exclude pandemics or similar events. So your policy needs to state it covers global health pandemics, or at least not exclude them.


Just poured through mine and I think I’m screwed…

If i’m quarantined, covered cause i bought it prior to the outbreak.

If kids school is extended, I’m covered.

If not, I think I’m out my 2k DVC rental and possibly my etics from UT…another 2k


Who did you rent from? DVC are refunding points, although in some cases that won’t actually be of any use if they expire soon. But if they are still valid until the Fall, for example, it may be possible to rebook something.

The brokers are working to try and get people rescheduled or even cancelled. It does depend on the owner and the status of their points, but you should definitely contact your broker if you used one.

Otherwise contact the person you rented from.

Rented through David’s. We are not until late May. Not sure what the situation will be by then. How far out are they refunding at this time?

Ah. For now only up until March 31st, when parks are shut. When it extends then I’m sure they will do the same. But of course it will be harder to rebook by then. Hopefully it will work out for you though.

I rented DVC also, from a private owner. I know our trip uses points from this current use year and points from next. He’s going to try to help me reschedule for NEXT April if they’re still closed when our trip stars this April… I’m hoping the points from this year will be able to be used for next… Do you think he will be allowed to bank them since they were already attached to a reservation or no?

He said he’d call Disney Friday (yesterday), but I told him not to rush at this point as I figured the phones were probably pretty chaotic since they’d just announced the closure.

I feel so, so very thankful he’s been so great to work with.

He will probably be allowed to bank them, unless they were already banked.

But if the reservation is for April they won’t do anything yet. The phone message asks anyone with a reservation beyond the end of March to wait until the end of March to call.

So he definitely shouldn’t cancel yet, otherwise he may lose those points.

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Here’s what was written in the Toronto Star this morning:

"Normally, the best way to protect yourself from unexpected cancellations would be to purchase trip cancellation insurance. But many companies offering travel insurance say they won’t cover claims relating to the pandemic.

Canadian insurance providers Manulife and TuGo will no longer reimburse new customers who cancel over coronavirus concerns. Both companies say that since COVID-19 is a “known issue,” it is no longer considered an unexpected circumstance. Other insurers, such as Global Allianz, have exclusions that void coverage for claims due to pandemics.

You should ask before buying any trip cancellation insurance to make sure it will actually cover you for any COVID-19 related claims."

There are more cases of COVID-19 in the USA than in Canada, so I am pretty sure it’s the same policy in the USA.


Some credit cards offer trip cancellation insurance and other types of insurance as part of their perks. So even if you did not buy travel insurance, you could be covered for certain things if you used the credit card to pay.

A lot of air lines and hotels have also changed their cancellation policies to allow people to cancel or rebook their trips with no penalty.

Thanks for the info. He wasn’t calling to cancel - just to get an idea of what they were doing with DVC. I’ll pass the info along to him.

Honestly, what you’ve shared makes me feel so relieved. If it comes to it, I’d much rather rebook for next year if possible. :blush:

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