Travel insurance

Do you get travel insurance? If so, from whom? What does it cover?

Side note to any DVC “homies”, if you have to cancel a trip due to a death in the family, how does DVC handle it? Thanks in advance.

I only get travel insurance for out of country travel, mostly for medical andmedical evacuation since US medical insurance is not accepted outside the US.

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I bought it for my August trip because it was in prime hurricane season. I used MH Ross, which my friend has used and thought were very good. It was not expensive at all. It gave us peace of mind and covered all aspects of the trip, including flight, hotel, and tix. Whatever you decide to buy, read the terms and conditions and exclusions carefully.

Allianz travel insurance is pretty popular, there’s a site called that a lot of people on other boards have referenced.

Of course there’s always the insurance that comes through WDW, which is $79.95 per adult, that’s through TravelX and covers:
Land/Air Program - $75.95 per Adult. I’m trying to upload the official brochure, not sure if it will work or not.

Also, some credit cards offer coverage on trips, etc. I know American Express offers some form of coverage, so you may want to check with your credit card provider.

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I think the Disney insurance is a very good plan and I always get it. It covers everything case you have to cancel trip in the event of an emergency.

I’m with Elaine. I only get it for international travel because of the HIGH cost of those trips and the medical coverage. For WDW trips, we book RO and almost always SWA on points, both of which are VERY easily cancelled/rescheduled. Given the frequency with which an emergency has made us cancel (0%, as of now) it still saves us money to NOT get it, even if we had to eat the cost of one whole trip sometime down the road.

Its an odds/math game… If you trip costs $2000, and travel insurance on that is $200, and you cancel LESS then 1 out of every 10 trips, its cheaper to not get travel insurance. If you have a high risk situation (sick relative, etc.) then it may well be worth it. Or, if eating the cost of the trip would be an unacceptable risk, then it may be worth it to you emotionally even though you lose money in the long run.

OP can’t add the travelex thru Disney with a DVC rental or stay on points but Travelex will sell you a policy on your own and its often cheaper than the Disney flat rate.

I use Travelex myself and its what I sell to my clients. Great service, decent rates and easy process to file claims.

Got mine through MH Ross as well. Only bought it due to poor health of inlaws and not wanting to lose all that money if something should happen to them. Otherwise I would have passed. I would buy it again though if renting DVC points due to no cancellation.