Travel From Riviera To Magic Kingdom and Other Parks

We are booking for the end of this year and when we have been considering the Riviera but the issue appears to be the long time it takes to get anywhere from there, especially to Magic Kingdom.

The most predominant response I see to this question is plan on it taking 90 minutes to get from Riviera to MK. Is that right?

Anyone have any experience with this?

We always use Lyft for AK and MK there. It’s just so much easier. But since it lets you off at the TTC, there is still a short trip to MK. Man, I miss the Minnie Vans…

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So the Lyft and Uber will only take you over to the TTC and from there you have to ride the Monorail to MK ?

How long’s the total trip?

Probably 25 minutes to be safe. It will depend on traffic and monorail lines of course.

Actually, I would probably carve a little more than 25. That is kind of perfect situation. Maybe carve 45 minutes to be safe.

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We’re staying at Riviera for first leg of our split stay starting 5/21. We plan on being at bus stop at 6:30-6:45 for 8am opening.

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I read this to my wife and kids and I’ll spare you the details of the moans and groans I got from them–

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We stayed at Riviera last month and it did not take anywhere near an hour and a half to get to MK. The drive itself is about 20 minutes. The only wildcard is how many parties are in front of you in line to get on the bus. If you watch the app, you can see when the next bus is due to arrive (and they were spot on when we were there) and plan on heading down to the bus stop accordingly.

They might moan and groan at that time, but when they were able to get on two or three headliners before official park open, they will change their tune. Naps were made for days like that.


I’m slightly adjusting my answer because I re-read previous replies — if you plan on rope dropping it will take you longer, primarily because of the number of parties in front of you at the bus stop. I don’t think though that the advice of getting to the bus stop at 6:30-6:45 for an 8 am opening would be any different at any other non-MK area hotel though.

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Correct. Standard rope drop advice :wink:

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Thanks for the reply and details!

What kind of room did you stay in?

We were at the bus station at 6:35 and were the second group. First bus at 6:45 and off the bus at MK at 7:15. Super easy and fast.


We had a 2bdr and a 1bdr, both standard view. My favorite part about the hotel was the coffee bar. I had the best cappuccino every day. It was glorious!