Travel from Cabins at Fort Wilderness to MK

What is the best way to travel from the cabins to MK? My wife and I are heading down there in August with three under 5 years old, so I’m wondering if driving to the TTC and then monorail to MK is the best option? How much quicker would this option be compared to using the bus system or trying to make it to the boat launch from our cabin?

Boat launch all the way… either directly to MK or to the Contemporary and a short walk to the MK if that boat comes first. There is no bus to MK from Ft. Wilderness and you want to do what you can to avoid the TTC, if possible.

To get to the boat launch, you can:
-Walk (10 minutes-ish, depending on which loop you’re in).
-Take the internal bus system
-Rent a golf cart for the week and use that to get around Ft. Wilderness.


You want the boat launch for sure.

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Thanks for the replies. Will the boat launch work if we need to be there for a pre-park opening breakfast (8am) at BOG? MK opens at 9am that day according to the calender and I’m worried the boat won’t start early enough to make it in time…

From the Disney Moms Panel: The Walt Disney World Water Transportation from Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort begins running about 30 minutes before Magic Kingdom Park opens. On days that the park opens early for Extra Magic Hours, the Walt Disney World Water Transportation will begin running about 30 minutes before Extra Magic Hours begin. The last boat will leave Magic Kingdom Park to return to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort about an hour after the park closes. Just remember, hours of operation are always subject to change due to various factors like weather conditions, so it is always a good idea to check with a Cast Member to confirm those hours!

In this instance, I would boat to the Contemporary and walk over to the MK. Boats to CR will start earlier for folks going there for breakfast which starts around 730AM, I think.

There are two boat routes from the FtW dock. One goes straight to MK, the other makes a loop around Bay Lake, CR to WL to FtW and so forth. The second one runs early and late.

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This is what we did. Take the boat to CR and then it is a short walk to the taps for MK. You will go through security on the path from CR to MK - so easy security too.