Travel experts - What is your thoughts on summer travel crowds?

I put this in non-Disney parks since it is not Disney related.
What do you guys think about summer vacation crowds? I had expected huge crowds this summer as everyone and their dog vacationed including those that hadn’t for a couple of years.
But, with inflation and gas prices it seems that it might not be the case.
I’ve noticed that I’ve had no trouble making what I consider to be last minute reservations.


Airports are crazy packed even with higher prices! I’ve been on multiple trips this year and after February every trip has been in an airport that is filled to bursting!


I will try to write-up a trip report. But I can quickly report back on this, at least regarding CA.

Crowds are wayyyy down. For example, at Heart Castle my research said that during the peak of summer travel around July 4th, you needed to reserve the tours about two months in advance. When I did that, I had all times available as options. Tours allowed 57 people. We did two different ones, each of which had about 10 people. At the Reagan Library, they said that in a normal year, we’d have had to wait 1.5 hours to get on Air Force One. Instead we strolled right on.


Drove from Washington DC to Lake Michigan over 4th of July week, like we do every year. 10.5 hour drive each way. Traffic was definitely lighter this year. (FWIW, realizing it’s just one little data point.)

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The drive had been very easy. I had thought it was because Dallas to South California was easier than Dallas to Orlando. True we didn’t hit any rain. Of course that might have been gas prices. Our first fill-up in CA, DH gave this little scream when he saw the total.