Travel between HS and AK

I am considering doing EMM at HS from 7:45 to 8:45 then going to AK for 9 am opening. Driving car. What is the earliest we would get to the AK taps?

The kicker is going to be parking. When we went last week and were taking the bus into AK, there was a line of cars at the gate waiting in line to get in (paying for parking). The drive from HS to AK is about 20 minutes - so if you don’t hit that traffic at the gate you should be okay. You’d have to probably be walking out the door of HS at 8:30 at the latest to have any shot of making rope drop at AK.


I agree with @DarthJay. I think it would be quicker if you went with an Uber/Lyft so you don’t get caught trying to get through the line to park.

That’s gonna be one whirlwind of a morning.

thanks! Good to know about the line to park! Maybe will reconsider that…

Yeah! Not positive we are doing the EMM…might be a last minute decision based on how our other day at HS goes first!