Travel apps

what travel apps do you all use? I use TripIt for keeping track of reservations.

I’m interested in a touring plans style app where I can plug in all the destinations and have it mapped out for me. For example, I’m going to London and the Cotswolds next week and have a list of attractions but haven’t had time to construct a touring plan yet or map out what’s close to what.

I do not want to use google maps. I can’t ever figure out how to make pins stick. Maybe I should just figure out how to use google maps correctly ??

Len, can you please make a touring plans app for all the major cities? That would rule….


The only one I’ve used is Tripadvisor. The mapping feature is automatic and pretty handy. There might be better apps out there though; I haven’t done any research.

I’ve been using Wanderlog. It’s really pretty good for mapping out routes, doing research on non-Disney locations.
It’s developed by only a couple of folks, so sometimes things get a little glitchy when they’re doing updates. However, I’ve been using it a couple of years, and have been incredibly happy with them!

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That’s the tricky part of it. You cant do it in regular maps. There’s a separate app…Google My Maps. It’s good for putting in all the pins and color coding them (food, sites, whatever). It’s actually a lot easier to build on the computer on my maps and then just use the app to look at it.