Travel Agents w/ experience booking for Disabilities

Hi Everyone! First time using the forum even though I love Touring Plans!

So, I’m a long-time WDW visitor and I’m pretty much good to go with all things “Disney” re: travel. BUT…I’m traveling for the first-time there with my friend and her 22 y/o daughter who has Cerebral Palsy. I know WDW like the back of my hand, so I’m familiar with some things, but I really want to have a Travel Agent to help with some of the nuances.

I sent an email request to one agency that I know has a TA that can cater to people with disabilities…no response and it’s been 5 days. So, does anyone have any recommendations? I know that Undercover Tourist and TP both recommend Small World Vacations, but I see nothing on their website re: TA’s with experience booking for guests with disabilities.

Thanks for any and all useful info! :):rofl:

I will suggest Magical Vacations Travel at They are a large travel agency out of Georia I believe. Many posts out here have talked about them and the big discounts they have on room only and packages. Now as far as disabilities go I am not sure if they have a specific site for this but I would assume being as big as they are, they would be able to advise you in your travel plans. I have used this agency and am actually going to WDW using them. I use Darcy in particular but their are many other agents that can help you. I have NO relationship to this agency other than using them as a customer. They have saved me thousands on trips I have planned. Hope this helps.

Thank you! I will check them out and I’m also in Georgia so I love to keep things local. I appreciate it!

No problem.:sunglasses: Darcy at Magical Vacations Travel just emailed me that my vacation is all set and Paid for March 1, 2018. My wife and I have been there many times and love WDW. I have always planned my own WDW vacations and looked for specials. Same this year but after booking it I found out about this agency and the money you can save from people out here on the blog. I said what the heck, might as well give them a try and get a quote for the vacation I had already booked. They could save me $1000 so I cancelled the vacation I had booked, losing my insurance and booked via this agency. I also found at there web page that they were taking booking for their fall special. (Aug.15-Sept 5). When I found out the savings, $(4500), I could get on a Deluxe resort, (Poly), I jumped on it and my wife and I are going to take our grandson on this trip. The Big Book talks about how they are able to get the prices they get and it has been explained many times out here so I will not go into it. Never hurts to get a quote and talk to an agent about your needs. Have a Magical vacation

There is a list of Liner TAs:

I looked at the list yesterday when I saw this post. I personally would love more notes from TAs!

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Thank you for that link! I read through the personal notes from the TA’s and I didn’t see anything re: Trips for special needs guests. That’s really a shame!

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You’re welcome! Hoping that if you email a few, maybe someone will have what you need. And maybe they’ll update their description on the list.

I would be happy to help if you still need anything. I have booked several trips for clients with disabilities and am very familiar with the DAS system and ensuring accessible rooms if needed. Im about to launch our new version of our website so for now you can learn more at

I think most travel agents of any worth have dealt with customers with disabilities. When contacting one please state your needs and I am sure they will be able to help you.