Travel agent wooes

You asked further up thread if I am a TA

My blood ran cold thinking you might ask for my help

I am glad to see I couldn’t have been more wrong


Let’s hope so!

This information isn’t free - and we’ve been trying to tell you that your conceptions of what a TA is or does are out of date.
We don’t get an hourly salary - we only get paid on commissions for trips booked. We are giving our time to those who are actively booked with us, not people tire kicking and mining us for info to use on their own. The travel industry has changed dramatically in the past 10-15 years. Commissions on airfare are pretty much gone, commissions overall are lower, we are mostly independent contractors now with no salary and no benefits.

Things change. It’s unfortunate for you that your family member retired and you can’t get the service you expect. Everything changes. We either change with it or get left behind.


Yes I do. Correct me if I am wrong. First off I was not looking for anyone’s help in these posting. As a fellow liner who has been out here for quite some time, I feel I have a right to my opinion just like you. So your a TA and disagree with me. That is your right out here as well. I have read many of your posting of which some I agree with and some not so much. I tend to keep my mouth shut when it does not concern me. By the badges I have obtained out here, some of my posts must have had some meaning to some out here. I try to be polite but some of you feel that if you don’t like my post, you can be unpolite. I think if you look back I was simply providing information of things that occurred to me using certain TA’s. I am polite enough not to use names. I know some of you are moderators out here and if I step out of line in my posting let me know. On the other hand where do you get off after all the discussions you have started and participed in. I do NOT mean to be rude. I just want the right of discussion just like you. I am not a kid at 72 years old and I have been around the block. I only ask for curtisy and I will give the same out here. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

She’s not a TA - @OBNurseNH and @ninjasherrie are

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I don’t think this discussion is productive for anyone and am going to lock it.