Travel Agent referral please

Who loves their travel agent? Please tell me about your experiences and how to contact the person you recommend. I usually do everything on my own but when I found I couldn't get the room and discount I was hoping for I contacted an agency and was assigned randomly to an agent. The person doesn't seem very knowledgable about WDW, doesn't quote me what I ask for the first time, and is not extremely responsive. Certainly there are better out there! Thanks in advance!

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Be glad to share mine with you - I'll send you a message. She used to be a concierge at Disney's Polynesian Resort. Very knowledgeable about WDW. DLR. ABD & DCL.

Great, thanks a bunch @MeetMeAtThePoly!!

Here's a link to a list of liner TAs.

@Sorcerers_Apprentice how do I get on that list? lol thanks!