Travel Agent Question

So I received a pin and contacted my TA to arrange booking, this would be the second time using her. I checked the pin myself offer and online there was availability. However, when my TA did, she said there wasn’t. I just checked again as if I was going to book myself and there was availability.

My question is does she get a better commission by booking a current Disney offer than booking someone thru a pin? I just feel a little annoyed that she says there is not availability. She booked me under the Kids Size package.

I’m using a TA for the first time this trip, so I don’t know the answer to your question but I do know that if I had a PIN and the TA couldn’t “find” an availability that matched, I might reconsider using that TA. I typically plan for myself but because I’m staying at a Deluxe for the first time, I decided an extra pair of expert eyes looking for discounts/deals would be beneficial. If you aren’t getting the benefit, find a different TA or book it yourself then, before you pay it off, turn it over to the TA.

I believe you have only 30 days after booking to turn the ressie over to a TA

I don’t know the answer to your question, but the scenario you describe sounds fishy. I had a Pin for April, checked and there was availability, then gave it to my TA and she got it to apply just fine.

Thanks everyone for your input. I will go ahead and cancel with TA and book the pin offer myself.