Travel Agent Nightmare - will Guest Services help?

I am currently booked at Pop with a travel agent for a May trip (5/15-5/19). Long story short, it has been a nightmare and I am waiting for my request to be approved to get the reservation released back to Disney so that I can make the changes that my agent was supposed to make but didn’t including the Fun and Sun discount. In the meantime I have been checking daily because I found out Tuesday that I need to tweak the dates of my trip and there are no rooms available at Pop. No discounted rooms are available now the week we are there either. A woman from Guest Services called me and explained about doing the request for the reservation that I need released and told me that once it is released, I can call the travel center to get the discount applied that was on there to begin with - my agent added it originally but then made changes to the reservation and didn’t add it again. She said if they weren’t able to help that’s i should call her back. What are they going to really be able to do if there is nothing available? I am so stressed!

I am so sorry this is happening to you. I would personally get a room only booked NOW as a back up plan. If you can’t get the discount you needed at Disney then try MVT. try the agency exclusive deals with MAgical vacation travel. Once Disney gets you control of your reservation then you can cancel whichever you need to. I am not sure what guest services could do if all the rooms for the nights you need are already booked. They might be able to add the discount but only if there are rooms available. Good luck

Thank you. I am so stressed because there’s not a ton of flexibility now with my dates. I will try and do the room only and then cancel. It was kinda last minute (compared to when we have booked past trips) and I am taking my two girls while my hubby takes our boys on a fishing trip. They have no idea!! I’m just impatiently waiting for IATA to contact me! And hoping I get lucky when they do!